What I really really really want.

I often make wislists but I also have a 'giant' wishlist with things that I would really love and that I am saving up for. I recently lost 6 kilos or 13 pounds depending on your weighting system. I will surely buy something from this list when I reach 10 kilos or 22 pounds. So I still have a decent amount to go but these things will keep me motivated. From left to right we have a great tank top. There is this amazing black #Beast top from this etsy seller here. It is the perfect tank top for summer. Top middle we have a Nike sportbra from Zalando, I tried this one on but it is not perfect as a sport bra for me. I learned that I really need to wear an other bra under this, but it would be great to wear with a tank top with big armholes. Going down we have a kettle bell, I have no link to that but these are sold everywhere. The giant pink bracelet is a Fit bit flex from B&F shop this is something I really want and I would wear daily. It would be amazing to track my movement and be inspired to get higher steps everyday. And next to it is a three pack of bracelets so I can swap colors to match my outfits. I still have a long way to go with saving up for the FitBit but it seems like an amazing gadget!

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