SawFrozen, my first Disney movie in ages. I really loved the story and the songs. Also the way it is drawn is really amazing. I personally really adore Olaf. Must see movie!
Womens fitness magazines, especially the UK editions for January and February. I really prefer this magazine over the Dutch Womens health at the moment. Also it is very nice that I can read it on my tablet seeing I have far to many magazines laying around. Listened Glee - Mean
Zumba'ed. My favorite work-out
Sunflower seeds. A nice little snack with a load of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Drank
Had luck with
Finding the perfect gift for my grannies birthday, I got her a pair of stunning Pandora earrings. They are silver with a pearl. Perhaps soon I will post a picture of it.
Laughed At
Some silly fitspo images. I really love fitspo meme's, they are so fun yet true at times. 
Annoyed At
People who think eating far to small portions and amounts of food is healthy. I tried to give idea's how to eat enough healthy food yet they called it bullshit and kept on under eating. Sadly enough the media gives the idea that that is healthy. 
That I could loose inches faster, my weightloss is so slow at moments and it is discouraging at times. Bought
Those earrings for my grannie also I ordered some Yves Rocher make-up for her. Also a skull scarf for Spring with a nice pop off color.
My own tumblr because I needed to get a theme. 

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