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Currently I am working on new pictures for the blog, I decided to take a different turn from 'white background' and make it a tad more interesting. That is something you guys will see with the next blogposts. Also at the moment I am really into hair and then big poofy hair, I am trying out different ways to add volume to my hair from curlers to prepping it and blow drying. I am thinking about changing my hair once and for all, I am still debating on going brown or going gray. I really like the gray at the moment but then again most people go darker in the winter. I do not want to look like a snow bunny the moment that snow is going to hit. Also talking about snow, Holland is currently talking about snow hitting somewhere this week and I am really hopping that it is a mistake and that we will have a snow free year. I might sound a tad like the Grinch but with trainrides to school, you do not want snow and the added travel time that brings. What more, I finally found a mascara this last week what added length to my stubby lashes so I am really happy about it.
Also one day I hope to own a camera so I can vlogstyle these kind of articles. What do you think about that? 

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