My top 12 favorite blogposts.

Many people are doing the "my most read posts" or "my posts with most comments" but to be honest I am really not a numbers person. I know the numbers from some blog posts but I do not keep tabs what is the most popular. I decided to pick my own favorites and make a long list with one blog post for every month, making 12 total.So read more for all my favorites.
Also on the end you can leave your own favorite blogpost from your own blog or from a friend. 


My favorite of January must be this review of Essence wear berries. One of my current favorite lipsticks and I think the above pictures is one of my favorites. I think that that lipstick is the one that sparked my lipstick buying spree. 


February was the month that I wrote about my first Imenso coin here.  I still wear the pearl coin a lot and I also really liked the picture of this one.


I should stop saying that I adore the picture of that article. But I do think the above picture is one of my best pictures. Also I bought myself a little camera charm from pandora as you can read here. And I do think that I marked with that my love for taking pictures.


The Baby G lipsticks where the cheapest lipsticks that I bought that year, yet they are lipsticks that I still wear a lot. I think the color of these lipsticks is amazing, and you can see the swatches here


If I had to pick my favorite nail art and picture I would pick this one here. I had loads of fun taking pictures outside with my cola can. And I love the peach polish from Barry M. It was my first time working nail-studs.


Input vs output is one of the most read articles on my blog. I talk about what I 'earn' with my blog and what I spend on my blog. It still applies the same now as it did then, I put a lot of money into my blog and the small amount that I get back I directly put back into the blog. Some people have told me in the past that I should stop having banners on my blog, but to be honest it pays for my image hosting. Also recently I decided to put two banners up, one from a store that I love working with. Bornprettystore sends me items to try out and write about, and I think that is great because I can show you all some fancy nailart options. Also I have akiraswimwear in my sidebar, I know the girl who owns that shop and I do believe that she has an amazing shop and deserves a bigger public. 


Again a lipstick, these wood lipsticks are very popular because this article is read many times. And I can not blame people because these lipsticks are cheap and amazing. I also still love the wood package.


I have to pick my essence bracelet for august, best buy of the month! You can read about it here.


September was a hard one because I loved many articles that I wrote that month. But I decided I needed to pick this one here. Because I got my propaedeutic diploma, and that was really a special moment for me because I got it in year one. I worked really hard for it and this coin reminds me of all the hard work. 


Buying my very first sleek product that you can see here. Was kind of special because it sparked a new addiction to eye shadow. I still wear this almost daily because it is very wearable for everyday.


Also a big hit was this blogpost about nail decals. I never expected this to be read so many times but I am glad it did. I loved making this article and I also really liked the pictures. 


December was a hard one because I really liked a lot of posts this month. I decided to pick my pandora tiara ring because it was a very lovely gift from my grandma.

Do leave a comment with your own/or from a different blogger favorite blogpost. I would love to read them.
Also thank you for reading my blog,

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