Nail polish, make-up and daily care products

Today I am going to show you a load of products that where my favorites of 2014. I decided to go for nail polish, make-up and other beauty related things. 

Nail polish

I have three favorite polishes and I was slightly irked that I picked 3 of the same brand. And to be honest, I do not own a lot P2 nail polish. I should buy more P2 for 2015. I accually have no idea why I do not own so much P2 because they are not that expensive. 

Anyways my top 3 polishes are, 2 volume glosses. 
030 Sweet Darling, what can I say. I adore the glossy light lavender shade. And people keep complementing me on my 'fake' nails. And I never have fake nails. 
090 Red Lady, a shiny red is a staple for me. It is classy and goes with everything.
and the leather matte polish, 080 Thrilling style. And this matte black is my most worn polish of 2014.
Also the nail decals from born pretty store are a favorite, I have so many styles and I adore them because they are easy and great quality. [PS: for a 10% discount for bornprettystore use DIB10]


My make-up collection got a big overhaul in 2014, I picked up some nice new brands that I did not have in my collection before. 

Sleek sunset is my first sleek product. I know many people will not think the same way, but I believe this is a perfect everyday palette.
While I bought the L'oreal lipstick Impulsive Fuchsia in 2013, I really started to wear this in 2014, I found out that this is perfect for daily wear when applied lightly.
Next up is the stay matte from Rimmel in peach glow, this powder is my holy grail. I re-bought this so many times. Also it is only €5.70 at ASOS
2014 was also the year that I went from a 100% foundation girl to a 'I also like BB cream' kind of girl. I discovered the dream pure 8-in-1  and it is really an amazing product, I also feel like it improves my skin.
Next is the rouge velvet lipstick in nude-ist, the perfect nude shade that does not make my look like an idiot. I really adore this classy shade, it is my go to lipstick when I am wearing colorful eye shadow.

Daily care products

The tangle teezer is a product that I use daily, I got mine from ASOS ages ago and still it is something that I grab daily to untangle my hair. 
Dr. Fish lipbalm is my favorite lipbalm but sadly enough I hit the end a week ago, it was a great product but sadly enough you can not get them anymore. So my other favorite that I use is baby lips.
Vitamine E moisture from the Bodyshop, It really saved my skin when it was dry and horrible. Also I almost finished it. And that is something that almost never happens. Also a lifesaver was Etat salicylic acid, every time a pimple showed up I just used a drop and the pimple disappeared. 
Love Etc, the bodyshop and Lanvin Eclat d'arpege where my two go to perfumes. Love etc is for daily wear and Lanvin was for special occasions. And they where really my scents for 2014.

That where my beauty favorites 2014m what were yours?
Happy 2015!

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