Gift guide, part 1

Lets talk about eBay as a great source for little gifts, I know a lot of people do not have loads to spend on nice gifts. And with the holiday season coming in a few week, I decided to make a few holiday gift guide posts, today I am going to feature gifts for people who adore make-up. If you have somebody where you want to buy something special for, leave it down in the comments and I will be sure to include it in the next gift guide. But today lets talk about the one who adores beauty, I picked 8 things that would perhaps suit their fancy.

Mint make-up brush cleaner
This thing has been on my wishlist for some time now. I hate cleaning brushes on my hand or on a plate, somehow I feel that it does not really clean my brushes. And I know you have those full hand sized products that are especially made for cleaning your brushes, but they are to big. So the tiny version that eBay offers is perfect for me. This is a great gift for anybody who uses their brushes almost daily and hates cleaning them. Also the mint is super cute! Also in purple & pink.

These sponges are my go to product if I want to apply my foundation or BB cream in a fast way. They can be easy washed and keep you hands clean. I especially love the effect these things give, the point makes it easy to apply round your eyes. Also they are very cute looking, these would be amazing to give in a small basked with some other beauty things.

Have a friend who always breaks nails, these clippers can be a life saver. They can be hung from their keys and look cute. They come in a large assorted collection of cute animals. I especially like the cat and bunny. 

This one is a hoot. Get it? Hoot! Anyways, this nail file is shaped like an owl. Again a very cute design but also something with a function. They look very nice with their hearth shaped bellies and their big eyes. 

These are bright, fun and come in a load of different styles. These would make a perfect gift for somebody who is trendy and likes something special on their nails. They come in 12 styles and are dirty cheap for only a few cents. 

These are more suited for somebody who adores cute and girly things. There are hearts and flowers but also stars and letters. There are 7 styles and are also very cheap. These would be perfect to add to a package as a little bonus.

I love a good navy inspired nail art but my hands are far to unsteady to make perfect lines. These are very minimalist but still an eye catcher. Also I love the one with the little heart.

I know a few fit girls who would love some fruit on their nails. These are adorable tiny slices of fruit that you can stick on your nails, the possibilities are endless.

Leave me a comment with for who you want the next gift guide to be. For your gadget obsessed boyfriend, your mom who is a great cook or perhaps your best friend who love everything pink.

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