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I always start early with gift shopping, shopping online takes some time especially when you use sites that ship from far away. I tend to buy one big gift for my mom, most of the times it is jewelry and then I buy a few small things from eBay or ASOS. Today I am going to show you what I would buy for my mom, and perhaps it will inspire you. Also these gifts are great for a sister, aunt or friend. Above you can see 4 things I picked out, after the cut there are 4 more [mostly jewelry] and everything has links!

Sparkel bracelet - We all love things that sparkel and these bracelets are fetch! They come in five colors and are only $2.35 a piece.

Silver bracelet -  A silver bracelet is something that many people wear, it is something that people tend to find beautiful and I never found somebody who did not like this style. This one is $3.14 and I already tossed it in my virtual basket to give my mom and I also ordered one for my aunt.

Pearl earrings - Nothing is more classy then pearls, well perhaps diamonds but I also really like the elegant look of pearls. I really like the ornate design that makes the pearls stand out, and these are $1.21

Stone dangle earrings - If your mom [or somebody ells] is not into pearls, these stone earrings are also a nice option. I like the dangle, really suited for the holiday. And these are $4.58

Large warm scarf - I think everybody likes a good warm scarf especially in the winter when it starts to snow. Expecially large plaid scarfs seem to be trending but to be honest I am to poor to spend €30 or more so I found these scarfs for only $7.67. My favorite has to be the camel plaid one or the dark green one.

Warm gloves - Falling in the same genre as the scarf, these are the most cute gloves that I found online. I ordered the red ones for my mom because they are just amazing. But they also come in red, yellow, pink and blue. Also they are $3.00 what is an amazing price for gloves.

Gold or Silver watch, My mom loves watches and they are a great gift to give. She does not like to wear her expensive watches on a daily bases so I tend to get her these cheap ones from eBay. They work perfectly and look good without her having to worry about getting it scratched. This one is $3.50

Tea infuser  - I personally love tea but my mom is also a fan. I recently got her a few packs of loose tea and she uses a simple tea infuser. I personally adore the more 'unique' strainers. So I would totally get my mom this one, the little guy looks awesome in a mug and is $1.97

What is your favorite on this list?Denna

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