October blasted past for me, I had loads of school work and I almost did not have time to blog. Still I really wanted to post my October favorites because I did have some really amazing favorites this month. So read more to see everything pictured.

My favorites!

I have been using the body shop vitamin E moisture cream religiously this past month. I also reached the bottom of it and I almost finished it. But I feel lucky because when writing this article I noticed that it is currently on sale here from €17.00 to €8.50. This is my go to cream when my skin feel dry and it really works magic. I also really love the smell of this cream, I can not pinpoint the exact scent but I feel that it is very soft. 

Etat pur Salicylzuur 300 was a lifesaver in October, my skin broke out in small zits right on my forehead between my eyebrows and etat pur really solved that problem. I just used one drop in the evening and it solved my zit problem in a few days. A lot of people think etat pur is overpriced, you pay €14.20 for 15ml but I think this wonder in a bottle is worth it also it is very spare in use. I bought 3 bottles a year ago and I have not finished one yet but I am getting there. I only use it as spot treatment so it is really a once in a while product for when you really need it.

On my eyes I have been wearing Sleek Sunset. This €9.99 eye shadow palette has been a staple for everyday wear, I tend to go for the red shades together with a natural. It has a load of pigment and is fail proof after trying it a few times. Also I feel that these shades are really fall-like. 

A lip favorite has to be manhatten lips2last in 65N. I tend to wear a lip product when playing sports and long lasting products are my favorite. This lip product has serious staying power, it keeps firmly in place every trough the most intense volleyball match. Also the color is stunning! Definitely a lip product that I used more then once a week.

Joyo earrings have been in my ears a lot, I wore them with my dark red scarf and brown jacket and I really like the look of it. These wood leaf earrings you can get here for €36.75 and they are worth it. They look the same as when I first got them

What is your October favorite? Share it in the comments!

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