Vinyl shine lipgloss in Best Rock

Lets talk about the new essence limited edition, rock it out. Essence is the official sponsor of the MTV VMA's 2014 and they brought out a limited edition to match. People have been raving about the blush, because it is a fact that it is stunning. Yet I decided to grab a tad less popular items. I grabbed the two eyeliners and a gloss. Today I am going to show you the lipgloss in best rock. Essence calls it a vinyl shine lipgloss but I prefer to call it a holographic.

Holo hola! 
I got this gloss for only €1.99, it is a true essence price and very nice for an unique product. I personally feel like this collection is not a true fall collection but more a party collection. And with the holidays coming up I would advice checking this collection.

The package is not really my thing, I personally do not love the stars or the load of text on it. But the inside is amazing. The color of this lipgloss is a silver shade with purple, green, pink, blue and much more when the light hits it. I personally prefer this as a party gloss over a lipstick and then adding just a hint. It looks special without looking to clownesque. 

I will sure be getting a load of use out of this when the party season starts. It goes over almost every shade of lipstick and reminds me of those glittery dior lipglosses. 

What do you think and more important if you would wear this, over what kind of color would you rock this?

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