Sleek eyeshadow vintage romance

In love with it

Recently I got myself a new i-Divine palette called Vintage romance. I always adored purple eye shadows and I decided that I needed vintage romance in my life. I fell in love with sleek eye shadows since I got Sunset. So read more for swatches and more information.

Fun, color and cute

Recently I got send the most cute set of nail decals, they feature a large variety of designs crosses, rainbows, unicorns, cupcakes and much more. They are very playful and easy to apply. I have to admit that decals are my favorite thing to add to my nails, because they feature details that I can not do freehand. So to see different combinations and all the decals, keep on reading.

Budget lipstick

A while ago I showed you P2 karntnerstrasse a stunning nude shade. This lipstick is named after rodeo drive in Beverly Hills. This pure color lipstick is one of the lightest in the collection and to be honest it is not really suited for my skintone. But still I wanted to show you this lovely shade before giving it away to my mom.

8 options

I always start early with gift shopping, shopping online takes some time especially when you use sites that ship from far away. I tend to buy one big gift for my mom, most of the times it is jewelry and then I buy a few small things from eBay or ASOS. Today I am going to show you what I would buy for my mom, and perhaps it will inspire you. Also these gifts are great for a sister, aunt or friend. Above you can see 4 things I picked out, after the cut there are 4 more [mostly jewelry] and everything has links!

In best pop

Lavender eyeliner, something that I would never have wanted but now that I have it...I adore it. I first tought that Essence made a lipgloss in a skinny tube, but surprise surprise it was an liquid eyeliner. I debated if I could use this, and I decided to take it with me and ponder on it for some days. I quickly decided that I wanted this to pair this with an black eyeliner and a light colored eye shadow. This needs a simple look with the eyeliner being the main lavender attraction. 

Very charming

Jewelry is my thing, I love so many different styles and I have been leaning towards a layered style at the moment. But to be honest I am not really good at layering because I do not have that many different lengths of necklaces and most of the times everything ends up in a mess. These necklaces are already together so no hassle. It comes in silver and gold. The first three are from this seller here, for only $0.99, the last one is also the same price and comes from this seller. I always been a fan of disks and and bars, so I ordered the second and third one for myself. 

What do you think about this style?

Patterns and clouds

I have a love and hate relationship with stamping plates because I am not really good at using them. But recently I decided to take the plunge and get some stamping plates. Today I want to show you my pattern stamping plate. I am a big fan of large patterns all over the nail, I think they look so sassy and like it took loads of work, while it only took a few minutes! So read more for more information and this plate in action, also I will include my mermaid nails!

Gift guide, part 1

Lets talk about eBay as a great source for little gifts, I know a lot of people do not have loads to spend on nice gifts. And with the holiday season coming in a few week, I decided to make a few holiday gift guide posts, today I am going to feature gifts for people who adore make-up. If you have somebody where you want to buy something special for, leave it down in the comments and I will be sure to include it in the next gift guide. But today lets talk about the one who adores beauty, I picked 8 things that would perhaps suit their fancy.

11 thoughts

I recently got a new kitten, my new little guy that is 3 months old at the moment. Some people might have noticed that I posted him on instagram here.  I still have my black cat but the black and white one passed away a few months ago, she was old but still I was broken up on it. After two months we decided to get a new one so the black cat does not get lonely and to give the kitten a good home. So today my 11 thoughts about in a week with my new tiny animal. 
  • My female cats never farted, but this one does it daily? Why!
  • Falling asleep with his leg over his head, totally normal
  • Tiny animals tend to appear at the strangest moments
  • Also they appear right in front of my feet
  • I should not let the tiny little guy suck on my thumb, but it looks so cute
  • How much poop can a little cat produce? A lot!
  • The cat should stop sitting in front of the window, so many little kids...petting the window
  • Why does that kitten keeps bringing my toys on my lap?
  • Lifting 1 kilo does feel very light
  • Why do we have so many cat toys? 
  • Can I learn this cat to sit at the dinning table? 
And that where my 11 thoughts that I had this month about my new kitten? Do you want pets? Leave it in the comments!

Vinyl shine lipgloss in Best Rock

Lets talk about the new essence limited edition, rock it out. Essence is the official sponsor of the MTV VMA's 2014 and they brought out a limited edition to match. People have been raving about the blush, because it is a fact that it is stunning. Yet I decided to grab a tad less popular items. I grabbed the two eyeliners and a gloss. Today I am going to show you the lipgloss in best rock. Essence calls it a vinyl shine lipgloss but I prefer to call it a holographic.

Bornprettystore nail art nailart decals bow red

In bow and lace

Nailart is amazing to have on your nails but intricate designs normally take loads of time. And sadly enough I do not always have time to do special things. But I do like to make it look like I spend ages on it without spending loads of time. Water decals are easy, fast and look amazing. So I tend to have a little collection in my nail polish drawer ready to use when I want something special. And recently I added a lot of bows to my collection, these water decals from born pretty store are sweet and cute. Today I am going to show you how cute they look.

Star galaxy earrings earring ebay

From eBay

It is not a secret that I like jewelry that is shaped like stars, I think it is kind of pretty. Especially earrings in a star-shape is something that I love. I have a nice little gold star stud, but I wanted something more galaxy. So as a pure eBay addict I went online in my search. It was actually very easy to find a pair that I love, with a few clicks I ordered it. And so fueled an other long wait for my eBay package. After waiting for weeks in front of the door, today the package finally arrived. And it luckily arrived in one piece. I payed 2 dollar for these unique earrings, so read more for more pictures and information.

Love it!

Recently I have been following a few tv shows that I really love. They are not world known like pretty little liars but still are pretty awesome. I tried to pick the less known shows so you can find some new things. So read more for all the shows!

Corso Como

Corso Como is a shopping and dining complex in Milan, Italy. It combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. Or so wikipedia tells me, Corso Como is also the name of my new P2 pure color lipstick. The lipstick is a stunning dark red. So keep reading for swatches.

October blasted past for me, I had loads of school work and I almost did not have time to blog. Still I really wanted to post my October favorites because I did have some really amazing favorites this month. So read more to see everything pictured.

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