Recently I have been into necklaces and I decided to find some that I adore. I wanted to keep it all budget and so I searched ASOS in the sale section
And Mary Rabbit Head Gold Plated Necklace - From €22.86 to €14.29
And Mary Necklace With Antique Plated Star Charm - From €20.00 to €11.43
Designsix Large Gem Necklace - From €25.71 to €17.14
Nali Pyramid Necklace - From €34.29 to €21.43
Pilgrim Diamante Vintage Style Pendant - From €25.71 to €21.43
Nali Pyramid Necklace - From €25.71 to €14.29

Tell me bellow, what is your favorite necklace?

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