Rose Mystérieux

I already owned one Dr Pierre Ricaud lipstick a very natural color called Rose Elegant and this time I decided to go for a similar shade called Rose Mystérieux. This a so called volume lipstick that is said to plump your lips. Also let me say, I am a big fan of Pierre Ricaud lipsticks..

Silver packaged heaven
The lipstick is normally €19 but it is currently on sale for €9.50. I think the lipstick is really luxury and you get what you pay for, the lipstick applies like heaven. It is really creamy and wears like the cream that it is. I also adore the package, the silver looks expensive and the pop of purple is lovely. 

The lipstick smells really good, it kind of reminds me of vanilla or something sweet. The texture is really creamy but sadly enough not long lasting. I do take this lipstick with me to reapply and because the package is so sturdy, I do not mind taking it with me. I really like the fact that the cap does not pop off, you click it closed and it stays that way. Even when it is floating in my overpacked handbag.

I personally feel that Dr Pierre Ricaud is really good at the natural lipstick game, there are no flashy color but many everyday wearable shades. And I would would advice checking them out here. I am personally plotting to order the Violine Tentation soon.

Have you heard about this brand before?

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