Italian design

I have never heard about Stroili but the moment I went to Italia I spotted a few stores with this brand. I was intrigued with the silver designs but I decided to get a more playful design made out of plastic. I picked my favorite color 'purple' and something statement. To be honest I have not found the place to wear these yet, I am debating on wearing these on Christmas with a nice black dress. Read more for more pictures...

But many other people can

  • My pink water boiler, for my daily tea
  • A giant mug, because nobody has time to refill all the time
  • Big purple headphones, because people will still talk to you in public transportation when wearing small headphones
  • Purple eye shadow, I just love it for daily wear
  • A fleece blanket, for cold nights in front of the television
  • Cute sparkly phone case, and a lot
  • My large collection of lipsticks, because I need variation
  • My camera, I hold it daily to shoot blog pictures [or cat pictures]
  • Soup. when it gets basement will be stocked with soup
  • Shorts, everyday at home I wear shorts because they feel so comfy
What is your one thing that you can not live without? Leave it down bellow in the comments!

Rose Mystérieux

I already owned one Dr Pierre Ricaud lipstick a very natural color called Rose Elegant and this time I decided to go for a similar shade called Rose Mystérieux. This a so called volume lipstick that is said to plump your lips. Also let me say, I am a big fan of Pierre Ricaud lipsticks..

Unique and handmade bikinis

Recently Diana launched her own range of bikini's that she makes herself, I am a big fan of her bikinis and I do hope to order my own one day. The unique features of these bikinis include originality, reversibility, comfort and personally I think they are really flattering and an eye catcher. For more information and the amazing pictures that I got from Akira Swimwear, read more!

Favorite blog posts of October

Today I am introducing a new kind of blogpost to my blog. I have to admit that I read a load of blogs and sometimes I feel some blogposts need more attention. And so I listed a few of my favorite articles that I read this month....So grab a cup of tea. Happy reading!

Living with sharp nails

Recently I decided to change my nail-shape. I went from almond-shape to the pointy talon shape. Something I would like to call deathly claws. A lot of people go for glue on variations of these nails, but I decided to use my own nails seeing these are strong enough to survive. And thus I went to cut my nails while belting out chandelier from Sia. 

How did I survive with my new talons, well it was better then expected. I had a lot of positive comments on my nails, most wanted to feel how sharp they are. They are very sharp! A lot of people asked if they where real and at the same time grabbed my hand for closer inspection.

I learned a few things:

  • Never rub your eyes, I can result in poking your own eye.
  • Never pick stuff between your teeth with it, it looks nasty even if it works like a charm.
  • Never pick your nose, it might result in pain.
  • Stop making hand motions, people might stare at your hand.
  • But I do have to say they really come in handy when peeling oranges
Sharp nails? Do you love or hate them?

Fashion ready music-headgear

Frends headphones have been on my wishlist for a while because they are stunning, they are classy yet stylish. But there is a rather large price tag on those headphones, so I made a slight jump for joy when I found them cheaper on ASOS. There are 3 types currently in the sale, the Layla, Taylor and Ella. So read more links and more pictures of these jewelry inspired headphones.

From eBay

I love a good big statement necklace, but recently I decided to order 4 new dainty necklaces. All from eBay for super cheap. I picked four gold necklaces but one also comes in silver if you do not prefer gold. I think these are great for layering and look good with many outfits. 

Top left:  $0.88 free shipping
Top right:  $0.88 free shipping, From a till z
Bottom left: $0.88 free shipping, Also comes in silver. Alternative seller & Alternative seller
Bottom right:  $1.21 free shipping

Ceramic blue

Recently I got a new nailpolish from Maybelline, it is slowly growing to be a favorite brand.  I got a polish that has calcium iron and silica. A lot of things to give me stronger nails, something that I need now that I am slowing growing them into talons. So read more to see my semi-talons and to hear what I think about this.

Nude lipstick

Recently I picked up a nude lipstick in the shade Kärntnerstrasse. It was dirty cheap so I decided to try this out. It is one of my first pure color lipsticks from P2. I also picked up an other nude and a dark red but I am still editing the pictures for those shades. But today I am going to tell you about Kärntnerstrasse and show you some swatches. Also a fun fact, all the lipsticks are named after famous places, this one is named after a shopping street in Vienna. 

A butterfly coin!

Recently I got a new coin, again. I decided to get my second butterfly coin because I adore butterflies. I already had the Otono butterfly coin that has more natural brown shades and so I decided to get a blue tone coin. Above you can already see one side, read more for the other side.


Recently I have been into necklaces and I decided to find some that I adore. I wanted to keep it all budget and so I searched ASOS in the sale section
And Mary Rabbit Head Gold Plated Necklace - From €22.86 to €14.29
And Mary Necklace With Antique Plated Star Charm - From €20.00 to €11.43
Designsix Large Gem Necklace - From €25.71 to €17.14
Nali Pyramid Necklace - From €34.29 to €21.43
Pilgrim Diamante Vintage Style Pendant - From €25.71 to €21.43
Nali Pyramid Necklace - From €25.71 to €14.29

Tell me bellow, what is your favorite necklace?

Sleeksunset sleek sunset eyeshadow palette pallette

My first sleek product

Recently my local V&D [Dutch store] started to stock Sleek, I always wanted a few of these i-divine eye shadow palettes. But I always hesitated what to get first because I do not have the money to buy more then one at a time. As far as I know sunset is not really a popular palette because it was still fully stocked while the others where more loved. But with the eye on fall I decided to get some colors to fit the season. Especially the dark red sold me.  So for more pictures and swatches.....

Tights and earrings 

Recently I updated some wishlist items to basked items, I bought 5 items and I am really wishing the mailman would deliver it. I picked three tights and two pair of earrings. All where very cheap and I think these are great for a lot of outfits. The first pair of tights might not be everybody there cup of tea, The striped panty, is $1.39 and I would rock this during the holidays. The next two pair of tights are very similar the first pair is $1.66 and the second is $2.66. I especially like the pair with the two stripes above it, they look very sporty. And the last thing I added to my basked are these Swarovski look-a-like earrings in blue and white they are $1.61 a piece. I ordered the white pair for myself and the blue pair as a gift for my mom. I can see these being great little gifts for friends.

What is your favorite from my basket?

Or other social media

Today you can spam your blog and tell why we should follow you. You can follow me here. Also you can spam your other social media, I recently been in a real instagram kick, you can follow me here. I will check out everybody in comments, also if you follow me on instagram I will like a few of your pictures and perhaps follow you.

Welcome new month

A tad late, but it is a new month! I have been really feeling plaid and big wool vests for this month. Also big statement rings and lots of bracelets will be my armor for this month. Also I will be pairing this with dark red eye shadow and brown shades, my lips will be primarily dark red or plum.

This will be a great month.

Pink Shock!

Recently I decided to get a new baby lips. I use them daily and I have them on my bedside table and in my bags. Recently I spotted one of my favorite color combinations and I decided to get it. Because we all know, I am an impulsive buyer. So for a swatch and more information, read more.

Lots of nike

Every once in a while I decided that I need some new work-out gear and because I needed some inspiration I decided to collect my favorites in a collage. This is my current wishlist with things that I would love to own, all fitness related!

Addidas Shirt - €41.95  - €29.37
Nike Tempo boy shorts - €29.95 - 22.36
Elastic hairties  - 10 for €4.95
Nike Fuel Band - €99
Nike water bottle - €17

What is on your sport wishlist?

Gemstone pendant

I have a small obsession with gemstone necklaces, especially for layering and creating a boho-chic look. I decided to start small and order a rose quartz pendulum shaped pendant in silver. But even if you are not interested in rose quartz or silver, keep on reading because I will give you all a link with different gemstones and also gold variations. Also they are very budget. 

P2 perfect look lip liner lipliner in Cherry

140 Cherry

Lip liner pencils, I had no idea why I should use one. I have a decent make-up collection but my pencils where lacking, but I never use it. But I have to admit that I like the look of lip pencils, they look like bright eye pencils. When I was in Germany I decided to pick up one in red because lately I have an obsession with red lipstick. Also I had to pick red because that one was named Cherry I tend to get sold to names or packages. But still we have not found the awnser for why we should use a lip liner, and I bet you would want to see some cherry swatches.

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