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Recently I found out about these great 100% natural fruit juices. I got mine from a Dutch store but after some google-searching I did found out they are sold in more countries. So I decided to give you all a review on the flavours I can find so you can make a good choice when you find these in stores. 100% juices are pure natural fruit – and vegetable juice without any preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. Sounds good right?

100% juice the green mile


The ingredients

This juice has a load of great ingredients, so lets list them!
  • Kiwi [13%]
  • Lime [1%]
  • Pear [35%]
  • Apple [50%]
  • Spinach, mint, nettle [1%]
And that is it, no added sugar or added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Just healthy stuff. 

The package

The package is cute, hands down it is adorable. I had these lined up in my fridge and it just looks really neat. It does not scream "look at me being healthy' in a negative wool socks hippie kind of way. It screams cute and healthy. It has all the ingredients on it and the color of the lid corresponds with the drink. The Green Mile has a green lid, so you can easy spot it in your fridge. Also making it 500 ml and resealable is a perfect move, seeing you can take it with you to school, work or the gym. 

Taste test

Tasting this was surprising, I always get the 'what if it is gross and I spat it out' kind of feeling, but the moment I took the first sip I was sold. This is beyond any fruit juice that I tasted before. I expected to taste apple and pear, yet I tasted a mix of apple and lime. Those two flavors where really overpowering but there where hints of the other greens in this juice. But the lime was surprisingly really noticeable as aftertaste, making it really fresh. I feel that traditional apple juice has to much sugar in it making it sweet as hell. But this drink is fresh and sweet. I drank mine ice cold from the fridge and I can see myself drinking this after sporting. It really gives a nice kick of healthy greens without it being heavy like a smoothie.


I am sold, I only picked one up from every flavor that I could find but now I am lusting for more. These are great as a pick me up/vitamin boost while studying. Or on days that I am not really into fruit but still want my daily vitamins. 

I am really excited to try out all the flavors!

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