Make this month great! 

I try to set my goals for every month and then I try to reach them. Sometimes it works and at times I fail, but that is okay. For September I set 6 goals, and above you can see them in pictures. But I also wrote them down in detail if you click 'read more'

Dairy free week
I am going to try to eat dairy free for a week, I have some medical things that I want to find the source for, and it could be that my body reacts negatively to dairy. So this is starting as an experiment and perhaps it will become a nice lifestyle. I am reading up for things to replace it with and I can not wait to start in September. 
Capture life
My first picture diary is a fact, and I got a few positive reaction on it. So I am planning to keep it up so I can present you every Sunday with a picture diary called #DENNA. The name might be changed but the idea will stay. Setting it as a goal will keep me motivated to take snapshots of interesting subjects.
Experiment with hair
This one is straight forward. My hair has two states, hanging without anything done to it or in a high ponytail. And I want to change that, my hair is long enough for braids and much more, and I need to try that and experiment more. I have a great curling iron that has not seen much daylight lately and we need to change that. 
I am going to add something detoxing to my daily life, apple cider. It has many health benefits and I am planning to make an article about it, but I am going to wait for a few weeks because I also want to include my own experience with this stinking cider. 
School focus
Tomorrow is my first day of school, and while my blog still gets regular updates and such. I am planning to also focus a lot of school, a lot more studying then last year and I need to really up my game. 
Start changing my style
Kind of in the same genre of the hairstyles. I want to change my style. At the moment I dress myself in a way that I think people with my bodysize should dress. But I want to change my style to something more 'me' Or should I say, the person I want to be. So I will be making collages, buying some new clothing and most important, I will share my inspiration!

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