Pink travel passport cover from ebay

Passport cover 

Recently I got myself a super cute passport cover, now the fun thing is that I have no passport. I have an ID card and drivers licence that I use as identification. Now you might be wondering why did I buy a passport cover? Because these are great to store little scraps of paper in and I personally use it to store my receipts. It keeps those long papers out of my wallet, and prevents it being a giant mess. So read more for an other picture of the full product.

Pink travel passport cover from ebay


I got mine for under a dollar from this seller but there are also variations like this and this. It is a sturdy cover with two big clear pockets and one really small one. I keep my 'in case of..' money in the small pocket and the big ones are stuffed with receipts. I tend to keep all the receipts of things that I need to review in those pockets and when I am done I toss them out. It is a easy way to keep your bag cleaner and you stuff stored. 

Don't you think it is cute?

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