The curve ball, The Binder

I am one of those people who plans her school essentials perfectly, at that time I am office supply barbie. I have a lovely bag from Steve Madden that is just big enough for those essentials. Instead of buying those large A4 notebooks, I go for A5 because those are less heavy and take up less space. Instead of having a full pencil case I have three gel pens and one pencil. And my favorite thing has to be my small 11.6 inch laptop. All small things to fit perfectly in my bag, because people like me do not want to carry around a large amount of heavy school supplies. Also the fit person in me wants to have enough space to carry healthy snacks with me. 

But let me tell you about a dark day in history. It was a Tuesday, the first day of school. With my hair prepped nicely and my make-up done I set out on a journey. A journey that was not going to end well. The first minute of the first hour of the first lesson, dreaded news came towards me. The teacher smiled while they delivered the news and it cut like a sharp knife. They brought it with pleasure but it brought pain. 

"You are all going to get binders with papers, and you need to bring those with you everyday

A big ugly binder with a heavy stack of papers. Something to bring with me everyday on my one and a half hour journey from home to school. Something that will not fit in my handbag but will require something big and most likely ugly. Something that I need to set on the floor while I travel. 

I am not a happy camper at the moment. Because why would somebody in 2014 decide to go paper instead of digital. Go bulky instead of Microsoft word. Why kill a tree while you can send me digital? 

One might wonder, what higher education is thinking...

But today I am going to embrace the curve ball, like a seasoned baseball player. Me, google and some stores are going to embrace the binder and make it pretty. Also perhaps useful with pockets and dividers. I am going to give my Steve Madden a place in my closet and going to embrace the bigger bag, like a true champion. 

It is going to be great 
I hope.

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