Under 3 dollar

Please excusse the horrible quality, but the eBay listings had no better quality. And because I wanted to show these watches. I decided to make the best of it. Because I really wanted to show these watches to you all, I think the are really cute. I always had a softspot for aztec and sugar skulls. And I do think these watches are lovely. You can get them here: Aztec andSugar skull for under 3 dollar.

Also leave me a comment bellow, what is your favorite? Aztec or Sugar skull?

Maybelline Dream bouncy blush pink frosting closeup

10 Pink Frosting

Light as powder, cream soft for skin. I had to buy this blush when I first saw it in stores, I personally do not use blush on everyday bases but when I use blush I prefer to wear something pink or coral. Because I found a nice deal in store I decided to get this in pink frosting. There where a few other shades but this one stood out to me. Also the name is super cute!

Beige statement necklace from ebay

Pretty beige and gold statement necklace

Recently I got myself a new statement necklace, I am really picky when it comes to statement pieces. I tend to only have 3 or 4 statement necklaces that I rotate when my outfit asks for it. Because I did not have anything white/light I decided to order a beige and color necklace. I personally feel the combination is really pretty and it suits many outfits. Where to get this and for more pictures read more!

Collage love wear inspired mi moneda butterfly coin fashion outfit aztec and H&M


I am really loving the MiMoneda Mariposa coins. I already had one brown colored coin but recently I decided to get a blue version. The coin is inspired by butterfly wings, Soon will be an article about this coin online, but today I have the raw image for you.
The weather has been all over the place where I live. From cool days to semi-heatwaves. I have wearing my red H&M shirt a lot, it is cotton and I think it is the most flattering t-shirt that I own. I tend to pair it with shorts or skinny jeans. And above you can see a combination that I also love, a big colorful scarf with my playful dotted jeans. Expecially with me not knowing what the weather is going to do, I really adore scarfs. 
Recently I have been really inspired to wear my hair wavy, it is something that you can achieve easily without heat. I just braid my hair before going to bed and I wake up with a massive head of hair. 

What did you love, wear and get inspired with this week?

Mi Moneda Royal Royale coin Multi quartz in purple oilslick

Mi Moneda Multi Royale Quartz

Getting every study point in my first year was a big deal, we dutch call it a "propedeuse" and so my mom and dad decided to get me a small gift. My gran is getting me a Pandora charm so my parents decided on Mi Moneda. I had a small hand in picking the coin and I have to say that I love it. I do have to note that I really tried my best to capture it on pictures, but in real life it looks a lot more amazing.


To start, I want to tell you all that I got my propaedeutic diploma for my first year of my current education. So a big FUCKYEAH for that. That has to be my highlight of the passed week. But of coarse I had some other things that where worth a picture. So read on to see the rest of the pictures.


I have no idea what it is, but recently I have been loving braids from fishtail to loose braids. Above is a some inspiration of things that I have been wearing. Especially the loose side braid is my favorite on days that I have to go to school and have a bad hair day. But I also love to wear big loose double braids, but sadly enough I have not yet found the confidence to wear it outside. I also had tad issue with my milkmaidbraid style here it looks amazing in real life but I do not have the balls to wear it outside. But yeah, above my favorite hairstyles at the moment.

I would love to hear what you have been wearing these past few days. Leave it down in the comments.

pandora cosmic starts clip bracelet silver charm

Bought in Italia 

Recently I bought a very lovely clip for my pandora bracelet but I did not have time to make pictures. I bought this lovely clip in Italia from my birthday money, my sister helped me pick it out and I was sold the moment I saw it on my bracelet. The cubic zirconia really catch the light and there are so many on the small charm. I do have to admit that I think it is expensive, it is 60 euro for the one clip, originally I wanted to get two to balance it out but that was a tad to expensive. I am always a big fan of taking pictures of my Pandora bracelet, so read more to see more pictures.
Pink travel passport cover from ebay

Passport cover 

Recently I got myself a super cute passport cover, now the fun thing is that I have no passport. I have an ID card and drivers licence that I use as identification. Now you might be wondering why did I buy a passport cover? Because these are great to store little scraps of paper in and I personally use it to store my receipts. It keeps those long papers out of my wallet, and prevents it being a giant mess. So read more for an other picture of the full product.

Kiwi Lime Pear Apple

Recently I found out about these great 100% natural fruit juices. I got mine from a Dutch store but after some google-searching I did found out they are sold in more countries. So I decided to give you all a review on the flavours I can find so you can make a good choice when you find these in stores. 100% juices are pure natural fruit – and vegetable juice without any preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. Sounds good right?

Sephora make-up beauty collage

Nudes and bold

Recently I dug out my make-up collection and gave away a lot things. I am slowly changing my make-up style, last year it was very colorful and now I am more about strong lips and nude shadow. Also I noticed that I did not have two classic colors in my collection when it comes to nail polish. I put some nice pieces on my wishlist that I think will be great for my new look.

Formule X - Atom & Eve
Formule X - Need for speed


Slip on sneakers slipon collage style

Bought myself a lace pair

If I had to make a long masterlist with things I never would wear, slip on sneakers would be on it. They are not really my style and I would have no idea what to wear with them. That was till I recently came across the most amazing pair, white with black lace. I debated the pro's and con's and decided to try them on, big mistake. They walk like heaven. So because I was clueless on how to combine them I decided to make a load of collages on how I like them styled. And I decided to share those collages with you all. So enjoy!

LINErefine liquid eyeliner

It has been a few days since I last blogged, and there has been only one reason. School. I suddenly had a load to learn and make and I had no time to upload and write my blogposts. But I am trying, the next 3 days will be hard for me but after that I will try to get back into the daily blogpost schedule. 

Liquid black eyeliner, I buy loads of it because I almost wear it everyday. I try to switch up the brands that I use but I have a few favorites that I have reserves of because I love them. When my current eyeliner began to feel a tad dry/empty I decided to start my search for a new budget eyeliner. I always naturally get pulled towards the Maybelline or L'oreal display when I search for eyeliners, I feel that they are very strong on there liquid eyeliner game. So I swatched this and made a look with it...want to know what I think?

The curve ball, The Binder

I am one of those people who plans her school essentials perfectly, at that time I am office supply barbie. I have a lovely bag from Steve Madden that is just big enough for those essentials. Instead of buying those large A4 notebooks, I go for A5 because those are less heavy and take up less space. Instead of having a full pencil case I have three gel pens and one pencil. And my favorite thing has to be my small 11.6 inch laptop. All small things to fit perfectly in my bag, because people like me do not want to carry around a large amount of heavy school supplies. Also the fit person in me wants to have enough space to carry healthy snacks with me. 

But let me tell you about a dark day in history. It was a Tuesday, the first day of school. With my hair prepped nicely and my make-up done I set out on a journey. A journey that was not going to end well. The first minute of the first hour of the first lesson, dreaded news came towards me. The teacher smiled while they delivered the news and it cut like a sharp knife. They brought it with pleasure but it brought pain. 

"You are all going to get binders with papers, and you need to bring those with you everyday

A big ugly binder with a heavy stack of papers. Something to bring with me everyday on my one and a half hour journey from home to school. Something that will not fit in my handbag but will require something big and most likely ugly. Something that I need to set on the floor while I travel. 

I am not a happy camper at the moment. Because why would somebody in 2014 decide to go paper instead of digital. Go bulky instead of Microsoft word. Why kill a tree while you can send me digital? 

One might wonder, what higher education is thinking...

But today I am going to embrace the curve ball, like a seasoned baseball player. Me, google and some stores are going to embrace the binder and make it pretty. Also perhaps useful with pockets and dividers. I am going to give my Steve Madden a place in my closet and going to embrace the bigger bag, like a true champion. 

It is going to be great 
I hope.

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Loreal revitalift 10 total repair bb cream in light

10 Total repair BB creme

Recently I have been into BB cremes especially for school and daily wear. It still gives me a good complexion but I feel like it is better to my skin then foundation. Also I love that I can just apply this with my fingers instead of using a brush or sponge like I do with foundation. This product promises a lot things, 10 things to be exact. Do you want to know how this measures up to the claims it makes?

Make this month great! 

I try to set my goals for every month and then I try to reach them. Sometimes it works and at times I fail, but that is okay. For September I set 6 goals, and above you can see them in pictures. But I also wrote them down in detail if you click 'read more'

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