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In Tawney Port

Let me tell you about my new sneakers. I am not really a sneaker girl, but I do like to own a few pairs to wear on long school days or when I know I will be walking a lot. Also sneakers make it easier to run from bus to train, and I have being doing that a lot at my new school. Recently I went to Designer Village Roermond. It is a shopping village with loads of discounts, mostly old collections and great pricing. Because my old Reebok sneakers where dying I decided to find an other black sneaker that I could rock. In the end I got a really good deal at Puma, and I found a link for you all with the same sneakers!

Puma glyde court puma tawney port

About my sneakers

Name: Puma Glyde Court in Tawney Port
Link: at amazon
Other variations:  Gray/pink & purple/white & red/blue
Material: Leather
Fit: True to size

Puma Glyde Court own pictures jumping

I can not express how amazing these are. They feel great, like walking on clouds. These make me want to jump and run and skip while I walk. The black is really black and the white is still a bright white, I am intrigued how long that is going to last. But for now they are still very clean. 

I also recently got a pair of nikes, you can expect them on my blog soon.

What do you think about these sneakers? What would you wear with it?
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