Pandora essence bracelet prosperty pandorabracelet cosmic stars silver ring


Recently I got a magazine subscription and the welcome gift was a pandora essence bracelet. Now I am not sure if I subscribed because I love the magazine or because I wanted the bracelet, I am keeping it at ´I wanted both` But deep down my pandora love made me want the bracelet and I would have bought it in store if I had to. Sadly enough I did not get to pick out of a lot of charms but I decided on prosperity, because I want success in my life. I am studding hard and perhaps this will bring me a tad more succes on finishing it in a few years. Also the Aventurijn is a stunning stone....

Pandora essence bracelet prosperty pandorabracelet

Some little facts

  • The green one is my prosperity charm and the silver ball is the clasp
  • The beads do not glide around like on the normal bracelet because the charm has silicone inside.
  • The bracelet is far lighter then the normal bracelet
  • The bracelet is also a lot lighter then the normal bracelet, I almost forget that I am wearing it
  • The side has prosperity engraved in the silver
  • The other side has pandora, ale and S925
  • The bead costs €24,00
  • The bracelet costs €55.00
Pandora essence bracelet prosperty pandorabracelet

I really worn this daily since I got it, I even slept with it on for some nights. I might be tad obsessed with it but it is just so pretty! I already planned to buy a few more charms for it. 
Till next time,
x Denna

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