Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs

My heart is stolen at Neiman Marcus by two men, Michael and Marc. Both have items in the sale that make my heart beat faster and makes me want to spend all the money I saved up for this school year. I can not help it, but I decided to control my shopping urges and make a nifty collage for you with links to my favorite sale items. I am going to tell you the links and why I would want these.

Michael Kors, Phone wallet
Link to item
I am really sad that I do not have an iPhone 4S, 4, or 3S because I would have bought this within a heartbeat. I think that this is really classy and lovely. Also if you stick in your important cards this can be taken with you when shopping and you need nothing ells.

Michael Kors, Sondra Logo Sandal
The version sandal is something that I keep seeing in the streets, I have a pair just like it and I think these walk like heaven. The 'flip flop' design is really easy to slip on yet these look more 'dressy' making them perfect to wear to many occasions. I really like the peach version, the gold really fits it. 

Marc Jacobs, Katie turnlock bracelet
I always been a fan of the turnlock bracelet and now it is priced down even more then 50%. It is a bracelet that catches your eye, it is wide and it is 'rough' especially with a tad bigger wrists this is perfect. I can see this being worn with a very minimal outfit with the bracelet being the eye catcher.

Marc Jacobs, Enamel Logo ID Leather Wrap Bracelet
And last but not least my favorite thing. The enamel logo ID wrap bracelets. These are a tad more toned down and can be worn with a watch or as part of an arm party.

What is on your Neiman Marcus wishlist? 

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