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We all know that in order to be healthy, we need to drink enough to keep our body hydrated. As I am typing this I have a big tumbler of water in front of me and I take the occasional sip between writing. But I know that for a lot of people drinking enough does not come easy, I personally think that if you have nice things to drink drink more. So I collected a few beverage holders and I wrote down my favorites things you can put into it. Also I included links and prices......

Top left: Mason Jar

Buy here - $10.99 - €8.22
This is a 25oz or 0.73 liter bottle holds a large amount of your favorite drink. It comes in 5 colors.

I personally love the pink one. I also adore that this bottle is completely made of plastic, the original mason jars are from glass and they are more heavy then this plastic version. Also the swirly straw adds a real pop of color. I would drink smoothies in this jar but I can also see this being used for water.

Top right: Infusion bottle

Buy here - $12.99 - €9.72
This is a 27oz 0.77 liter bottle, again a large amount can be put into this. It comes in 9 colors.

Hands down, I would buy the neon pink one or the purple one. I am actually hanging with my mouse above the buy now button because I need this in my life, but first I need to decide on pink or purple. This infusion bottle will be perfect to bring to school also they are currently really trendy. For the people who have not heard about the function of this bottle, it is really simple. You add fruit or herbs to the little compartment in the middle and that way you flavor your plain water in a healthy way. I personally would use this for lemon and strawberry water. 

Bottom left: Tea/ Coffee cup

Buy here - $9.99 - €7.48
This bottle is 12oz what comes to 0.35 liters and it comes in four colors.

I would buy this in yellow because it look look great with my green tea. I am a big green tea and white tea drinker and I think this fun yellow cup would be perfect for morning where you want to drink your tea but don't want to take 5 minutes to drink a full cup before your bus leaves. This enables you to take your hot drink with you. I can even see this being used for hot chocolate when the days turn colder. Also the silicone grip makes this safe to carry round without burning your fingers. 

Bottom right: Water bottle

Buy it here - $8.99 - €6.73
This bottle is 26oz what comes to 0.75 liters and this is only in three colors.

I am not a big fan of the colors, I would have gone for the red version. This is just a plain water bottle that you can use in the gym or just at home. I would only use water with this one. This one is my least favorite, perhaps because I already own a bottle like it. But still I wanted to include this because it can be usefull.

Would you buy any of these bottles, do you think they come in handy? Also leave a comment down bellow what your favorite is.
x Denna

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