And no one can take my pearl!

Nail art is something that I really adore but at times you do not have time to make complex designs. Now if you also have those moments or if you want something different, I would advice nail pearls. It seems to make your nails look really deluxe and who does not like some nice pearls? Read more for more information.

The facts

Link to the pearls: here
Price: 10 piece for $2.99
Variations: Squares, drops, ovals, round, 
Discount code: 10% off with the code: DIB10

Nail polished used in pictures: here

I picked these pearls because I wanted something that was easy but still looked good. I applied these pearls by pressing them in wet polish and adding a layer of clear polish over it. It takes a few seconds yet it looks really pretty. The pearls stay on firm and can be re-used. I really like this for parties, the summer or just plain old daily wear. I can see these looking fun on neon or classy on black.

I am a fan of these pearls, I personally really adore 1 pearl on 1 nail but you can variate in many ways. What do you think about these pearls? 

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