I always wanted to make a picture diary, but I own a bit ass camera that I can not drag with me all year round. But then I had an idea, what do I always take with me? My phone! In the end I shot only 24 pictures that I made into few collages. But this is a start and I will try give you next week even more bang and better pictures. So are you interested in how my week was?

Cute and adorable!

Recently I ordered a few gel pens online, later I found out that the web shop that sells them asks a far higher price then what they go for on eBay. So I decided to share these pens with you all and give you the cheaper links because I do not want you to make the same mistake as me. They are really good pens and they write perfect. Also don't they look supercute? So keep on reading to know where to get these. And some more pictures.

Slightly unique versions

School means wearing a watch for me, it is slightly frowned upon with my education if you use your phone to check the time when having a conversation. Often there are few people with watches and they lend them out when people need to practice their conversation skills. But yeah, it motivated me to search for a nice shiny new watch for myself, something that is slightly more unique then normal watches..because I have those. I picked out three styles of watches are that slightly similar but are different. Also these come in many different colors. Most have black, brown, white, red, green and blue.
Where to get the watches - price - color
Bow watch  -  $3.21 or €2.43 -  black, white, blue, coffee and red
Chain watch - $2.98  or €2.26 -  white, black,blue, green and red
Winged watch - $3.06 or €2.32 - blackm brown, green and white.

I am a big fan of the chain watch myself. I am debating between red and blue. 

Happiness, luck and good fortune

A while ago I was not real interessted in bracelet, they got in the way when doing everyday tasks. But since buying my pandora bracelet I am hooked on bracelet and my vacation just stimulated to buy more bracelets to get a decent armparty. Recently I fell in love with bracelets that have some sort of charm or statement piece on it. When I spotted an lovely bracelet on eBay a while ago I decided to order it and test if the eBay bracelet is up to par.

What I take with me to school.

Today is my first day of school and I always like to be prepared. I take 2 buses and 1 train to school and I travel quite a bit, and to be honest during a long school day I tend to mess up my make-up. And so I took a little bag to keep my 'essentials' for a long day in it. I am going to try and find a new make-up bag because the white gets dirty fast but for now this is decent. 
Rundown from left to right
This is a light pink lipstick that is suited for everyday, it fits all occasions and eye looks. It is a very safe lipstick that seems like your lips, but better.

Essence a Million miles away perfume -  Most drugstores that sell essence have these
I have to admit, I just tossed this one in because it is almost finished and I am done with the scent. For the upcoming season I prefer something more dark and sultry. Also I am debating on getting Earl Gray - By Demeter as travel perfume.

I am not really a glossy person, but I do like to say that these come in handy when you have lipstick on but it looks kind of dull.

Like the gloss this is a useful product, it has almost no color but it does hydrate the lips. So I have it as a protective balm for the colder days. Sadly enough this was a limited edition

Maybelline Line Refine eyeliner & Gosh mascara
A simple black eyeliner, I personally am not somebody who goes around doing her make-up in public or in the restroom at school. But I found that an eyeliner can be very useful. I tend to rub my eyes and forget that I am wearing eyeliner, often that results in one eye having a pretty wing and the other being smudged. So since that day I take my eyeliner with me. Also I have a gosh mascara that is useful when you forget to do your mascara. 

Bourjois Eclat Mineral powder in vanille - Get it at Amazone
This is one of my favorite powders to take with me, next to the big mirror this is perfect to reduce shine. It has almost no color making it perfect to wear in the winter and the summer. Also a bit pro for me is that it smells really fine, it has a slight vanilla powder scent. 
Not pictured
What is also in my bag but did not make the cut for the picture is a pair of tweezers, some band aids and a nail file. They are the basics.

What is in your school beauty make-up bag? Or do you prefer to not bring anything with you?

Collage of make-up for the eyes and cheeks, brands illamasqua, stila, paul & joe, the balm. All sale items.

Eyes & Cheeks

I love a good discount, let me start with that because I am a poor student. To keep costs low I try to shop a lot in the sale selection of websites because you can still get quality. Recently I have been on the lookout for a new blush and a new eye shadow palette, and because my journey got me a lot of good deals I wanted to share it with you all. From Illamasqua to stilla to the balm and Paul&Joe. Read more for links and information...and everything is marked down.

Some facts

  • That I always sing driving my car, I tend to belt out in a horrible way while drumming my fingers on the steering wheel or making diva hand motions.
  • That I love buying things at sale prices, like real leather boots for only 30 euro or a guess wallet for €16 instead of €60
  • I love fashion, but I do not like my body so I tend to dress more to fit my body.
  • I got over a 100 pair shoes.
  • At home I always wear a messy top bun
  • I love jewelry, from big to small pieces
  • I use anti-age products while I am only 25
  • Also recently started a complete skincare and haircare regime. 
  • I have a make-up free day at least once a week
  • I think the color blue is ugly, and the only family members that I like are mint and turquoise
Got an interesting fact about you.
Leave it down in the comments
Lots of love, Denna

Go on, spam

I am not going to write a lot because we all know what ´spam your blog´ means. So spam your blog in the comments and tell me why we should visit your blog!

Keep calm and achieve your goals image


When I started my weight loss journey I had no clue what I wanted, how I wanted it to go and what I needed to know. And starting is hard! How many people start daily and fail the next day, I think a lot. But if you got good motivation you might get to your end goal faster. Today is my first article in the serie I want to get fit / lose weight!

Star earrings from ebay in gold

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Recently I ordered the most amazing star earrings online, they where cheaper then cheap but surprisingly decent in quality. Recently I have been loving stud earrings and especially those that curve the ear. Also what attracted me to this set is that it has a small dangling star and that fact that it is gold. It goes perfect with my new Swarovski Bolt Necklace It looks really dainty and is perfect for everyday wear, so do you want to know where to get this and see how cheap it is?

Pandora essence bracelet prosperty pandorabracelet cosmic stars silver ring


Recently I got a magazine subscription and the welcome gift was a pandora essence bracelet. Now I am not sure if I subscribed because I love the magazine or because I wanted the bracelet, I am keeping it at ´I wanted both` But deep down my pandora love made me want the bracelet and I would have bought it in store if I had to. Sadly enough I did not get to pick out of a lot of charms but I decided on prosperity, because I want success in my life. I am studding hard and perhaps this will bring me a tad more succes on finishing it in a few years. Also the Aventurijn is a stunning stone....
close up puma glyde court in tawney port

In Tawney Port

Let me tell you about my new sneakers. I am not really a sneaker girl, but I do like to own a few pairs to wear on long school days or when I know I will be walking a lot. Also sneakers make it easier to run from bus to train, and I have being doing that a lot at my new school. Recently I went to Designer Village Roermond. It is a shopping village with loads of discounts, mostly old collections and great pricing. Because my old Reebok sneakers where dying I decided to find an other black sneaker that I could rock. In the end I got a really good deal at Puma, and I found a link for you all with the same sneakers!

August edition

♥ The moment that I discovered that my widow gives the best light.
♥ Coca Cola Vanilla, not that healthy but loving it.
♥ Ordering a lot of bohemian jewelry and accessories online, like this headband & these earrings
♥ Spraying on perfume twice a day even when I am not leaving the house
♥ The Face UK - Binge watched it in two days
♥ Dark red lipstick
♥ Lavender nail polish
♥ This instagram account of a creative mind who draws on cats.

What did you love this week? Tell me in the comments!

Swarovski pendant box swan jewelry necklace bolt micro gold stones

Swarovski Bolt Micro Pendant

My 25th birthday was on the sixth of July, but I got my birthday gift a few weeks later. I had no idea what I wanted so my parents decided to let me pick something on vacation but to be honest I did pay part of it myself. I picked a necklace from the Swarovski store in Italy in a big shopping center. I was surprised by my own pick because I normally do not go for gold, but yeah ... I did. If you want to see what I bought...

healthy unhealthy

My story and life lesson

A healthy lifestyle is something that I find important and I improved the last year a lot. I used to include a lot of aspartame in my diet when I first started on my journey to loose weight. I used to live on 2 slices of bread, a bottle of cola with zero calories, one piece of fruit and a small platter of dinner. And as I am typing it, I am ashamed that I only ate that a day, I never felt hunger at those times because I kept myself full with drinking the cola. I loved being active and I worked out every day.

Till the day my body decided that it needed fuel and could not function this way. I could not sport for 10 minutes without shaking, getting dizzy and getting lightheaded. Looking back, I am surprised that my body did not cave sooner. The results of that time still follow my body, because I have a really hard time to loose weight because my body has been deprived of food for such a long time and results in storing fat. 

The lesson I learned from that moment is your body needs food to function a person can not live their whole life on a low calorie diet. You need to eat enough, and you need to eat enough good things. 

And I have seen people who eat loads of healthy food, and still loose weight. Food is not the enemy like magazines make it out to be. You just need to eat the right things.  You need your grains, fruits, veggies and protein. And we all need to stop seeing food as the reason why we are gaining weight, but we need to see food as energy we can burn to get fit and healthy.

I changed a lot in my daily intake when I look at food. 
My breakfast went from 1 piece of bread to a nice bowl with yogurt, flax seed, brinta , oats and fruit
My lunch went from 1 piece of bread to a variety from salads to wraps to fruit to bread with tomato/lettuce
My dinner went from a small plate to a normal plate with 50% veggies, 25% potato/rice or pasta and 25% meat or meat replacement.
My snacks went from cola to 2 pieces fruit a day, veggies, smoothies,egg muffins and much more.
My drinks went to water and tea

In the end I want to note: I feel healthy now, I can workout withing feeling faint, I am more happy, my skin is better and I am happy with my life and myself. 
Health is important
cat catface sweater ebay

White cat sweater

Today I spotted the most cute sweater online and I set out to find it. To keep to my own motto and mantra, everything can be found on eBay, I browsed the internet till I found my target. With class and style I tossed it in my virtual basked and bought it. After a few minutes I decided that I had no idea how to wear this sweater and so I found a tad of inspiration as you can see above. I bought my sweater here for $8,99 and it comes in S,M,L and XL. I am planning on wearing it the old fashion way with a black legging and gray kneeboots. But only if the sweater covers my bum.

What do you think of this sweater?

Pandora white box

Stella Ring

I am slightly obsessed with Pandora, it is my current favorite brand. Some time ago I was very lucky to be able to go to a pandora outlet. I bought two things at the outlet and today I am going to show you the first one. Because I did not get a birthday gift from my Gran she decided to buy me a ring at pandora. Because enough blabbering at this intro, I am pretty sure you want to see the load of pictures that I took because this ring is very picture ready.

Guess wallet in taupe

Guess wallet

Recently I went to outlet village Roermond, it is a big designer outlet village where you can get designer items for a tad cheaper. I have been searching for a different wallet for ages now, my current wallet is to big and I wanted something that could contain most of my cards. I love the details and the inside of this wallet....
Stamping plate Arabesque

Arabesque pattern

When I spotted this plate on bornprettystore I was surprised in a good way. It was the first full plate that I saw and the design is so pretty! I can not understand why other brands do not make full plates like this because this one covers a full nail, no mater what size. And that is something that I struggled with in the past, with stamp images not fitting my whole nail and I am very happy that bornprettystore has this in their collection also the image is very cool. I am sure you want to see pictures of this one, you will not be disapointed

Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs

My heart is stolen at Neiman Marcus by two men, Michael and Marc. Both have items in the sale that make my heart beat faster and makes me want to spend all the money I saved up for this school year. I can not help it, but I decided to control my shopping urges and make a nifty collage for you with links to my favorite sale items. I am going to tell you the links and why I would want these.

And have a healthy drink

We all know that in order to be healthy, we need to drink enough to keep our body hydrated. As I am typing this I have a big tumbler of water in front of me and I take the occasional sip between writing. But I know that for a lot of people drinking enough does not come easy, I personally think that if you have nice things to drink out...you drink more. So I collected a few beverage holders and I wrote down my favorites things you can put into it. Also I included links and prices......

Hair clip and star cluster earrings

Recently I decided to order two things from eBay, and because they are low priced at the moment I decided to share them as soon as possible with you all before they go up in price. I have been recently experimenting with my hair to go for a more 'toned down' look. My eye fell on the clip on the left of the pictures, the cluster of flowers and loose gems. It looks really classy yet suited for everyday wear. I can see this clip being worn with a ponytail, up-do or with loose curls.  The only thing I am debating on is if this shows up on my white hair but that is something I will find out when I receive this item. If it does not show up, I might use this in a DIY. Then we have the left item, it is a cluster of stars with one dangle star. I am a big fan of these earrings because they look more expensive then they are. I am pretty sure I will get a lot of wear out of these so I can not wait. 

Hairclip  -  $1.63  -  €1.22
Earrings  -  $0.91  -  €0.68

As I said, I ordered both items. If you want a review from the earrings or the hairclip do leave a comment down bellow!
x Denna

lace ornament earrings

Lace earrings

When I was in Italia I did what I really wanted to do, shop at markets. I feel like the markets in Italia are different then in the Netherlands, while the Netherlands mostly have 'junk' that I could buy on eBay. I feel that the Italian markets have more unique things, there is of coarse also a large variety of junk but I did found some unique stands with quality jewelry. I decided not to buy a lot of things so I only gpt one pair of earrings on the market. I already sneak peeked them on my instagram here , but because I noticed that many people liked this kind of earrings I decided to make an blogpost about it with some alternatives for you to buy for a nice price.

Pointing in the right direction?

Recently I decided to make a new lay-out, and while I planned to take it slow and work on it this month. I somehow got inspiration, I combined the two things that I adored into a clean lay-out. I really adore the color light purple and like I said in a past blogpost I have an affinity towards arrows. I worked on this for a full two days and I changed it up a lot till I came to this design. And now I think, I am happy with it.

Also I got some feedback that my sidebar was to cluttered, and I present you a new clean sidebar. The only thing that I really need to do for this lay-out is....take a new picture of myself. But I am slightly camera shy so that might take a bit.

I would love to hear what you think about this lay-out. Tell me in the comments! 

What are your goals for the month?

And no one can take my pearl!

Nail art is something that I really adore but at times you do not have time to make complex designs. Now if you also have those moments or if you want something different, I would advice nail pearls. It seems to make your nails look really deluxe and who does not like some nice pearls? Read more for more information.

Time for something new!

Hello! I have been debating on changing my lay-out and the whole design of my blog. I am pretty sure I can improve my current design in something better. But I wanted to ask you all for help, because you are reading my blog I want to hear your opinions, idea's and just plain old criticism. What has always irked you about my blog? Is it to cluttered, are the colors to bland, is the lay-out to wide.....I want to know. So I would love it if you left a comment with your opinion, and also you can spam your own blog and I will take a look.

Thank you very much, and I would love to hear what you all think!

Instagram edtion

As I am writing this it is 21.52. It has been 52 minutes when I came home from a 10 hour car ride, and the day before that I sat in the car for 7 hours. I am beat but I wanted to write this article, I miscalculated how much articles I needed for the vacation so I was one short. I did take a lot of pictures on vacation and perhaps I will show them on my blog, but for today I wanted to show you all my instagram pictures. I had a load of fun taking these and they contain a sneak peek for the upcoming articles because I shopped on vacation...As you can see it features some fashion, some food and some swarovski and pandora.

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