Stay with me! Make-up fixing spray

While walking in the German drugstore DM I spotted a fixing spray and I have to admit that I am a fixing spray virgin and I never used a product like this. But because I am going on vacation with warm weather and a blazing sun I wanted to own a fixing spray so my make-up will not melt off. When I spotted a complete plastic version I decided to pick that one because I can use it without having to worry about it breaking. But is it good? Read more to find out. 

The facts

Price: €3.99
Amount: 34 ml
Brand: P2
Full name: Catch the glow stay with me! Make up fixing spray with kamille water
Special: Without alcohol

I have to admit that I was slightly scared to spray something at my face, it is scary because it might sting or perhaps get in your eyes. But I was pleasant surprised at this product, it takes a bit long to dry but it does not sting, irritate the skin, feel sticky or get in your eyes. It does come out with force and you need to hold it at arms length when spraying. I do feel it keeps my foundation on better and same for my eye make-up. I have not tested it in a heatwave because there has not been any heat the last few days. But I do think it works good. 

Are you also a fixing spray virgin or are you a pro? Leave it down in the comments.
And lets all hope for warm weather,

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