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I actually bought this product yesterday but I wanted to put this online rather fast because I am not sure how long this still be sold at DM [the German drugstore] I read on the site that there is a new limited edition on the way so I am pretty sure this will be gone soon, or in the discount bin. I picked up this bronze body pearls because I never tried body pearls before but I loved the look of it. So read more for more pictures and information.

The facts

Name: Catch the glow delighting bronze body pearls
Brand: P2
Price: €4.95
Amount: 17 gram

This was as I said my first encounter with a pearl like product. I tried it a few times today and I have to say that this is a summer product and the name is perfect. Below I applied the product and you almost can not see it, but the moment the sun hits it and you move it really shows a golden glow. I am pretty sure this product is spare in use. Also you can use this all over your body and it has a great package.

I am a fan, I am sold and I am happy.
I will be taking this with me on vacation to highlight my collar bones, boobs and perhaps my arms and legs. 
Have a nice holiday

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