Number 5

Today I have a lipstick I ordered a while ago from eBay, I decided to order this lipstick because, as you might have noticed, the package is wood. Or should I say it look like wood because this package is just made of plastic. But after recieving this I decided that I liked this enough to share with you all. So read more for swatches!

Excuses my deer in headlights look, 
I am not that great in front of the camera but I wanted to show a full face because 
I feel lipsticks look different up close then from a distance.

The facts

Price: $2.11 or €1.55 free shipping
Where to get: At this link
Number: 5
Other variations: Comes in 15 shades
Scent: Almost fruity, smells very pleasant 

I personally feel that this lipstick glides on, it applies really smooth and it somehow reminds me of the baby lips, it applies with the same smoothness but it only gives more color. This is not a lipstick that has super staying power but it does stay on for a normal time, it can survive a few glasses of water or a small meal. 

The thing that I really like is how great the package is, it is really some eye candy and I love taking this with me in my purse. I am slightly on the fence about taking expensive lipstick with me because it can be messed up if I handle my bag roughly or thanks to heat but with these cheap lipsticks I am less resistant to tossing it in my bag. Color wise I do feel that number 5 is not my color but I know a lot of girls who will rock this color.

What do you think about this lipstick, hit or miss? Tell me in the comments.
Enjoy the summer,

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