Galaxy Snapback ebay

I feel very hipster because I bought this....

But I needed a snap back for vacation and I did not want to buy a plain ugly one. When I go to the woods on vacation I always wear a cap or a hat because I am light skinned and I need to protect my head. I actually wanted a mint colored cap or something pretty floral but I could not find one online. So I went for a hat that matches my sneakers perfectly! I got it from eBay for a really cheap price, so if you are interested in more pictures and a link, do read more!

Galaxy Snapback ebay

The facts

Price:  $7.80 or €5.70 & Free shipping
Link: Here
Material: Canvas
Other variations: Also here also comes in leopard, plain black, teddy bear, cameo, gold, floral, tie dye, black with stars

Galaxy Snapback ebay

There is not a lot that I can say about this cap, it is good quality. It can be made to fit almost any size head, my slightly larger head fits perfectly. The quality of the stitching is very nice, the print is nice and bright also it has a gold square what I think looks really pretty. 

Galaxy Snapback ebay

I have a lovely new cap that I am going to wear this vacation. What do you think about this print, would you order the same or an other style?
Enjoy the weather today,

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