Wood lipstick package from eBay in Purple Pink

Number 12

Recently I showed the number 5 and 7 lipstick from the same seller and today I have the last one I ordered. Number 12! And this is my favorite, IT IS PURPLE. But in a pink way. It is bright and fun and it is so going to be worn a lot. I always think that purp-pink or pink-urple, let me just call it pinkurple can be great or just plain ugely. Brands need to make the good combination of the two color and I feel that most lean to much to the pink. But enough blabbering in the intro, read more for swatches and information.

Wood lipstick package from eBay in Purple Pink Swatch
What is up with my hand in the picture? 
I took 25 pictures and every picture had my hand that way, 
I assume I do that because I need to keep balance when taking a selfie with the big ass camera.

The facts

Price: $2.11 or €1.55 free shipping
Where to get: At this link
Number: 12
Other variations: Comes in 15 shades
Scent: Almost fruity, smells very pleasant

So, I love this shade, I think it is perfect to wear with brown eyeshadow. Also I tend to wear this to parties when I need to 'kiss' people their cheeks. I love leaving a stain on there face but that might be me. What more can I say, the color is really pretty and you can not see that this is a cheap lipstick. It stays on for a decent way and it feels like babylips on your lips.

What is your favorite shade of lipstick?
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