Bee earrings from ebay

You can call me Queen Bee

And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy. While the idea of bee earrings sound odd I fell in love with these earrings and so did some of my friends. What I noticed with these earrings is that many people do not notice that there are insects on it, they just comment what a lovely pink earrings I am wearing. I personally feel that the bees give it an unique touch, and perhaps make it more fashion. Also I love the green paired with the light pink. Today I have these lovely eBay earrings, for more pictures, where to get this and a picture of me wearing read more! Also for the people who do not like this color

Bee earrings from ebay

The facts

Price: $2.57
Link: here
Color: Light pink dangle, gold details and green stone.
Size:  From stone to bee, 5 cm. Dangle, 5 cm. 10 cm total.
Other variations: Blue Gemstone and blue dangle & Blue Gemstone and pink dangle

Bee earrings from ebay

I think these earrings are really nice, they are not that heavy. They look far more heavy then they are. What I like about these earrings is that they are in three parts what are the gemstone, the bee and the dangle piece. I prefer that over one big earring because these can move whenever you move your head and that just feels so much better. The colors are really nice, I am normally a fan of silver but sadly enough these do not come in silver. I prefer to wear these with my hair up in a messy up-do with a pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt. Also I decided to take these with me on vacation to wear when I am going to dinner, I am planning to match them up with my black maxi-dress, gold body chain and some cute sandals.

So I would love to hear what you think about these earrings, leave it down bellow in the comments.
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