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I have to admit that every year I toss pencils in my bag and after a week I have none to be found and I just bug my classmates for a pencil. But because I am going to be a good student I am going to buy a pencil case, fill it up with pretty pencils and markers and I am going to try to keep it all year long. But I need a cute pencil case that I will take with me with pleasure. But I am still not sure if I want a small one or a big one. And there are so many options. But yeah, I found my top 5 so read more to see the links.

Tell me more!

  1. Paperchase - €7.04 - cute geometric print
  2. Happy Jackson - €9.79 - I love the sassy text
  3. Mi-Pac - €11.27 - Simple but unique
  4. River island - €14.08 - Amazing color
  5. Ted Baker - €35.23 - I love the ribbon
That was my top five, I know they are not all originally pencil cases. The last two are make-up bags but I do feel that make-up bags can also be used as a pencil case. I am personally leaning towards the River Island one, but I am not sure. What do you think?
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