LE: Lovely Berries

I have to admit, I love dry shampoo. I wash my hair only 3 times a week and in between I use dry shampoo, I feel this is better for my hair then washing everyday. Normally I use the batiste dry shampoo but it is slightly more expensive, so I went for the balea brand. I decided to pick up the limited edition that has a strawberry scent. I also took a picture with my dirty roots and my dry shampoo'ed roots.

Eclat d'arpege Lavin Perfume bottle

Eclat d'arpege 

This fragrence is said to represent two worlds that come together. The past and present. It is said to celebrate love for couture and design together with love for loved ones. This is seen in the design, the perfume bottle features two bands to represent wedding bands.
This is a classic scent with Sicilian lemon leafs and green hyacinth, but also peach and peony and green tea. Futher is has amber and musk.

Never leave coral reef

Recently I picked up a matt lip cream from the Limited edition Le Grand Bleu. And it seems that Le Grand Bleu is a movie that is filmed a year before I was born. And to be honest I was not really interested in this collection and nothing stood out to me you can view the whole collection here.. But I decided to pick up the matt lip cream because I adore lip creams and I love red. 

Boho chic

I always loved the idea of a hair chain the moment I saw them, but I wondered if it would suit me. The moment I received the chain that you can see above I hesitated if I wanted to wear it. But then I decided it would be the perfect thing to wear on vacation and to festivals and events. So I decided to wear it and test it out. I have to say, I really love the look of this. If you want to see how it looks worn, click read more!

Bee earrings from ebay

You can call me Queen Bee

And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy. While the idea of bee earrings sound odd I fell in love with these earrings and so did some of my friends. What I noticed with these earrings is that many people do not notice that there are insects on it, they just comment what a lovely pink earrings I am wearing. I personally feel that the bees give it an unique touch, and perhaps make it more fashion. Also I love the green paired with the light pink. Today I have these lovely eBay earrings, for more pictures, where to get this and a picture of me wearing these...click read more! Also for the people who do not like this color

max oogschaduw Action

In Blue

Recently I bought this blue eye shadow palette, I always had a thing for some good blue eye shadow. Blue is a color that can go wrong fast, but I think you can use it in a tasteful way especially paired with white,gray and black. But today I want to show you my new eyeshadows, I swatched them all so read more!
Wood lipstick package from eBay in Purple Pink

Number 12

Recently I showed the number 5 and 7 lipstick from the same seller and today I have the last one I ordered. Number 12! And this is my favorite, IT IS PURPLE. But in a pink way. It is bright and fun and it is so going to be worn a lot. I always think that purp-pink or pink-urple, let me just call it pinkurple can be great or just plain ugely. Brands need to make the good combination of the two color and I feel that most lean to much to the pink. But enough blabbering in the intro, read more for swatches and information.

Bourjois Color boost in Red sunrise

Red Sunrise

I got this glossy finish lipstick/crayon for my birthday a few days ago. Iciparisxl was so nice to send me a 5 euro giftcard for my birthday and I decided to spend it on lip products like I do every year. If I am correct I have bought a bourjois product every year. With my eye on the vacation I decided to buy something that I would take with me. I am personally proud of the swatches, I feel that I improved with applying. So read more for more information and swatches.

My favorites

As you are reading this, I am already on vacation to the amazing Italy. And one thing glued to my face is a pair of sunglasses, I love them in different shapes to match every outfit. I variate between my prescription sunglasses and my eBay sunglasses. Today I have links and information about 6 styles of sunglasses in many colors. So read more!

Lipstick addiction!

I have to say that lipstick is my favorite beauty product, I love owning a large variety of lipsticks so I can wear a different one every day.  Because I have not been doing tags lately I decided to do the lipstick tag. So read more for the questions and my answers. 

My top 5

I have to admit that every year I toss pencils in my bag and after a week I have none to be found and I just bug my classmates for a pencil. But because I am going to be a good student I am going to buy a pencil case, fill it up with pretty pencils and markers and I am going to try to keep it all year long. But I need a cute pencil case that I will take with me with pleasure. But I am still not sure if I want a small one or a big one. And there are so many options. But yeah, I found my top 5 so read more to see the links.
Wood lipstick package from eBay in Pink red

Number 7

Recently I showed the number 5 lipstick from the same seller and today I have swatches for number 7. While 5 was a more light color this is a BRIGHT color. 

Stay with me! Make-up fixing spray

While walking in the German drugstore DM I spotted a fixing spray and I have to admit that I am a fixing spray virgin and I never used a product like this. But because I am going on vacation with warm weather and a blazing sun I wanted to own a fixing spray so my make-up will not melt off. When I spotted a complete plastic version I decided to pick that one because I can use it without having to worry about it breaking. But is it good? Read more to find out. 


I decided to make a few back to school articles, as a new series.  I always start early to buy everything I need for the new school year and you know I like to be prepared. So this series is going to have shopped items, tips and tricks, wishlists and more. And today I am going to show you backpacks that are fashion forward or just plain fun. I variate between backpacks and purses when I go to school, normally I take a purse because I do not have to take a lot with me. But a few times a year I have to take loads with me and that is when I need a backpack. So I searched online and I found a big amount of cute backpacks some a tad more flashy then others. So read more for information, images and links.

In lounge feeling

I personally feel that dark red lips are for fall and winter, yet when I saw the catch the glow luscious lipstick I decided to need this in my life. So for swatches and information, read more!

In gray, neon yellow and green

Recently I came across a statement necklace that I needed to buy. I mean the necklace looks just amazing and I am willing to spend a decent amount of money on it. I mean it is still an eBay necklace but it looks really special and unique. But I can blabber for ages about it. Read more for the facts.

In brilliant complexion

I actually bought this product yesterday but I wanted to put this online rather fast because I am not sure how long this still be sold at DM [the German drugstore] I read on the site that there is a new limited edition on the way so I am pretty sure this will be gone soon, or in the discount bin. I picked up this bronze body pearls because I never tried body pearls before but I loved the look of it. So read more for more pictures and information.

To Italia! 

As you are reading this I am on my way from the Netherlands to Italia and I will be staying for 2.5 till 3 week. I am not sure yet how long I will stay but I made sure that I have enough articles to put online when I am away. So everyday at 7 Dutch time a new article will pop online as planned. I made sure that I had a large variety of articles with loads of own pictures and reviews. I spend a rather long time to plan this so I hope you will enjoy reading those articles. The only difference from normal is that I will not have internet so I can not answer your comments, but I will read those when I get back! 

So greetings from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italia because I will be passing trough there today and tomorrow. 

Sweet Polish shimmer

Recently I received the most amazing nail polish, a shade that is very hard to show in pictures but it glitters beyond imagination. Also the shade is very unique, I have a lot of nail polishes but I had nothing similar to this shade. Above you can see the nailart I made with it. But if you click read more you can see swatches without the pearls. And you can also read where to get these and more information.

What is on your must try list?

We all see food porn online, those beauty full plates with amazing food on it. And some things we tasted but enough things we wished we could eat. What is on your food wishlist, what is the thing you want to eat but you have not gotten the chance to.

My top four you can see above, the first is squid ink pasta. Or as I call it, black pasta. It just looks amazing and I would love to try it. It is said to taste like pasta but also like seafood. I am very intrigued but I have not seen it on menu's or in stores. 
An other pasta I want to try is courgette pasta, it is just courgette made to look like pasta. The idea sounds very nice and tasty. I just need to buy a peeler that allows me to pastafy my veggies.
The next is avocado with an egg inside and then baked in the oven. I love avocado and I love eggs, both seem the perfect mix. Also I learned yesterday that warm avocado tastes completely different then cold. 
And the last one is bubble tea, again I am drawn in by the visual look of it. And I just want to taste it.

What is on your food wishlist? Leave it down bellow at the comments

Galaxy Snapback ebay

I feel very hipster because I bought this....

But I needed a snap back for vacation and I did not want to buy a plain ugly one. When I go to the woods on vacation I always wear a cap or a hat because I am light skinned and I need to protect my head. I actually wanted a mint colored cap or something pretty floral but I could not find one online. So I went for a hat that matches my sneakers perfectly! I got it from eBay for a really cheap price, so if you are interested in more pictures and a link, do read more!

Number 5

Today I have a lipstick I ordered a while ago from eBay, I decided to order this lipstick because, as you might have noticed, the package is wood. Or should I say it look like wood because this package is just made of plastic. But after recieving this I decided that I liked this enough to share with you all. So read more for swatches!

Not a lucky birthday girl

Today is my birthday! And I wanted to write a little article about it, above you can see a variation of pictures...some might be strange to have in a birthday article. As you might have guessed from the above image, it is my 25th birthday! Or as I put it, halfway the 50, just a few more years to go! I do hope to celebrate in warm weather, so I can wear my pretty sunglasses and messy hair. Bellow that picture of me you see my 'sexy' foot. I sprained my ankle on the last day of school, so it sucks having to go round with crutches on your birthday. I also posted my new necklace, I plan on orientating my birthday outfit round that and last but not least a smoothie, because I did not take a picture of my birthday cake yet. But I do know that my birthday cake will be white chocolate with strawberries, does that sound or amazing or amazing? So on my birthday I will be hopping round my house and I am planning to celebrate on vacation in a week.

Also because it is my birthday, today you can spam your blog in the comments and I will check them out today or tomorrow!

Have a beautiful day,

Mint pink statement necklace from eBay

Statement in pink and mint

I felt that recently I needed to update my summer jewelry stash, I really like cheap jewelry to variate with. The most pieces I buy from eBay are trend pieces and they will be worn for maybe two seasons before I am sick of it. But I am doubting if I ever get sick of this necklace, since it came in I have been wearing it weekly. I have been wearing it with casual t-shirts and with pretty black dresses. But enough blabbering, do read more for more pictures. 

Hamsa bracelets

The Hamsa hand some say it a symbol that they believed would protect them from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. Also it is said to protect against the evil eye. I personally really like this symbol, I already have a Mi Moneda coin with it that you can see here. But recently I found a lot of beautiful bracelets that also have this symbol. For where you can get them...read more!

AKA the junk I drag around 

It is the end of the school year, and I decided to give you all an update with my 'last version' of make-up bag. To go to school I need to take two buses and one train, I travel for one and a half hour just to go to school and I need to take the same thing back. And I tend to forget to do certain parts of my routine or I look like a mess when I reach my destination. That is why I decided to always take a little make-up bag with me. It was very hard for me to pick a small bag but I filled this to perfection. So do you want to see what is inside? Read more!

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