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I always been a budget girl, some eBay jewelry and some old things that I got from my Gran. My first expensive jewelry was for my 18th birthday, a ring that was marked down from €150 to €40 and I really loved that ring. That was the moment to sparked my more expensive jewelry collection. I decided to ask for every celebrating a piece of jewelry instead of a few more small gifts. I personally feel that those things can be kept forever and they remind me of the day that I got more

I got my Mi Moneda necklace for Christmas two years ago and last year I got a Pandora bracelet. Those are things that I almost wear daily so I was debating on what to ask for my birthday that is coming up. For my last birthday I visited the biggest Pandora store, museum and the factory. I picked up with my birthday money a pair of earrings and a necklace and they are really the symbol of my 24th birthday.

But I was stuck for what to ask for my 25th birthday, my parents and rest of family decided not to get me anything and told me I needed to pick out one piece of jewelry. But I am not sure what I want and what I would really love. I really adore the house of Harlow pieces but they can not be bought as easily if you live in Holland. The import costs would be killer and to be honest I am not sure if it is worth it. 

Then we have Tiffany and Co, something that screams 'suited for a 25th birthday' to me. I can see myself wearing a small of medium heart tag necklace. Also I will be visiting Venice round my birthday this year, so I am pretty sure I can find a Tiffany store there. But I am not really sold on the idea. What if I do not suit this style of jewelry? 

So to be honest, with a few more weeks before my birthday I am stuck on what to ask. So my lovely readers. Do tell me, what would you ask for if you could pick one piece of jewelry?

PS: I am sorry for getting this up so late. School has been killing me lately. 

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