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A lot of people make a blog because they want to get free stuff and lots of money. They expect that bloggers make loads of cash, and yes...some bloggers do. Recently I had some people asking me in real life and in emails if I make loads of money. And today I am going to tell you all about how I make money and some interesting facts. So do read more.

Input vs output

Let me start with the fact that 90% off the products that you see is bought by me from my own money. I have the honor that some webshops wanted to work with me and I am very grateful every time I receive an email asking for a collaboration. I am not a part of a media agency yet so I do not get boxes full products shipped to me and I never had a full collection of a set. The things I get variate from items to gifts cards, I actually never earned money by reviewing or showcasing items. And I personally prefer items over money, because I can tell my honest opinion about something that I can hold and take my own pictures off. I did get some emails asking me for an advertorial where I could receive money for, but I felt those things did not suit my 'genre' of blog. If I get offers for things that do interest me, I will always mention if it is an advertorial.

Also I get a small amount of money thanks to two partnerships. The first is Google AdSense , I variatie between 3 or 4 small banners on my blog, the idea is that when people click it that I earn a few cents. I know some people use adblock, I personally deactivate adblock for sites that I do think deserve the money. So hardworking blogs that really could use it get my views but I also have some sites blocked. So I am not going to beg to deactivate because I think that would be rude of me. Also I had some people ask me how much I make with adsense. I make between 0.002 and 0.10 daily and in a year I made €20.55. So it is not buckets of gold, like some people think. A fun fact is that I have a goal set for myself for when I pay the 'payout' button. I personally feel that the money is not for 'my own pleasure' but to improve my blog. I am using that money to save up for a camera to vlog or to make video's with. 

An other source I have on my blog is something that gives me money for links. I get a small percentage of money when you click a link or buy something that I mention. I decided to use that on my blog because I can generate funds without my readers having to look at even more adds or pay more. You still pay the normal price like everybody ells, but the sites gives me a few cents for linking me. It also does not pay a lot, I get between €3 and €7 every month. The money I earn for that I use to buy products for that I can review. Also the moment I get more profit I will use it to buy things to give away to my lovely readers. But that happens the moment my blog grows more. 

So yeah, that is what my blog earns. Now I want to tell a bit about what I put into it. My blog is mostly a visual blog, I am not really a writer and I only tend to write pieces on Sunday. So I really wanted to have a good camera, I bought myself a Canon 1000D so I can make decent pictures. Also to take pictures on, I invested in some wood and decorative items. Then we have some small stuff that I buy to organize my blog, I have a load of notebooks to write down every idea that pops into my mind. I also have a subscription to photobucket where I pay a monthly fee, to keep my picture online on my blog. And then we have the items that I write about that I buy myself. 

So to put it in a few sentences, I do not earn enough to buy little extra's from for myself. I earn a small amount that I put back into my blog. I can think about a million activities that earn more then blogging, but I personally really like blogging. It is a creative outlet also I love interaction with my readers and I also think it is important that I have a load of fun blogging. Even if I did not make any funds with blogging, I would still blog. I only would not be able to show a lot of items. 

Also if you have any questions about this subject, you can ask them bellow in the comments. 

Lots of love,

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