Hello June!

Sadly I am 3 days late with this article, but I had an important test on school and I decided that needed to come first. I do hope you all, do not mind that this article is a tad later. I had a load of fun picking my favorites for this month, I had very little time to think what I wanted to include because I really used some things this last month. So read more to see my favorites and hear where to get it.

My 10 things

I have been using two eye shadows for ages now, I am really sold on the neutrals paired with a pop of peach. I love the beach cruisers peach mono eye shadow that you can view here. The palette is the revoltaire smokey eye palette, sadly enough it is not being sold anymore because it was limited edition. Then we have a MUA lipstick, the shade is bare and I am currently editing the pictures for an article about it. I am really happy for that.

Then we have jewelry laying around. The top ring is a Jacques Lemans it is steel with Swarovski. Below that is a 5 euro ring my grannie got me. Next to that we have two bracelets that are modeled after screws, if you guys love see more pictures and how I wear these, do leave a comment down bellow. 

Then we have two hair things. A gold haircuff that I got from eBay here. It is cheap and really lovely for days when it is warmer. The last few warm days I decided to wear a high ponytail and it looks really nice with this cuff. Also I am debating on getting this black version. Then the biggest thing in the picture is a gliss kur hair repair spray, it is perfect for frizzy days and it is really amazing to tame my locks. 

And last but not least is essence like a day in a candyshop. I tossed this in my bag at the beginning of May and I have almost finished the bottle at the moment. 

What is your favorite thing of May?

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