Planning all sorts of things

As you might have noticed, the updates are currently lacking. I am writing small articles and I tend to skip a few days for the last few weeks. Why is really simple, last week was an important event for school and the day this article comes online I have an important test. After that I have time to blog and I have some lovely things planned. Above you can see a sneak peek with what I have planned to have on my blog soon. I am also going to start writing in advance because I will be leaving in a few weeks on vacation and I still want to have daily articles. Above you can see eBay earrings, a galaxy cap, 3 lipsticks in a wood tube, 2 P2 nailpolishes that are caring, a perfume from spirit. And then you can see a Pandora bead for an essence bracelet, I also ordered the bracelet to match. And I am going to show you all the difference between the normal Pandora collection and the Essence collection. Also I am planning to show you how I pack for vacation, what my must haves are and of coarse much more. 

So sorry, for the lack of updates. But I will be getting back on track soon! 

But not for me

A lot of people make a blog because they want to get free stuff and lots of money. They expect that bloggers make loads of cash, and yes...some bloggers do. Recently I had some people asking me in real life and in emails if I make loads of money. And today I am going to tell you all about how I make money and some interesting facts. So do read more.

I found it!

Tumblr and other image sites are overflown with pictures of the above legging. It is pretty in a simple way and it just looks great. But most people had no idea where to get it and I felt the same way. I think this looks great with a nice top or big shirt, and really defines your workout outfit. So I set out my search, and click read more for the link and info.

The arrow tattoo

As I am writing this I lost 6.5 kilos or 14.3 pounds, a small step but closer to where I want to be. The girls who have been reading my blog for a longer time know that loosing weight is really hard for me, I can do everything perfect and still see no progress. But yeah, at the moment I feel like I am getting there, and I always said the moment I reach my goal I will get a tattoo. And I finally decided what, an arrow tattoo! Why is really simple, an arrow needs to be pulled backwards to be shot. And I surely think the past four years I was pulled back a lot to almost breaking point. And now I see that I will be 'shooting' towards my goal and what I work for. So yeah, it might be a bit soppy or strange, but I really love the idea. Click read more for my inspirational pictures!

Powder compact

I am a big fan of the Alverde concealer stick and I am almost using that daily. So when my powder hit pan I set out to find a new powder. I decided to give the alverde powder a go because the shade looked about right. I am personally not a fan of the green shade that they use for their packages, but I decided to pick it up anyways. If you want to know what I think, read more!

First row:  [1] [2]
Second row: [1] [2]

Third row: [1] [2]
[All karma bracelets]

Karma bracelet

Currently the karma bracelets seem to be popping up everywhere. I found a few bloggers who rock them, yet they bought them at their local jewelry store. And so I set out to find myself a bracelet like that, but somehow those bracelets do not seem to be sold where I live.  Then I decided to check one of my favorite online stores Time for Watching. I am always pleased with their packages so I was really happy to find these bracelets.

With my birthday coming up in two weeks I am hinting my parents to buy me a bracelet. I really love how these look stacked together with different bracelets or with a watch. I am sure they will match many styles and they also seem very nice to wear daily. But I can not decide on a favorite, I wear all kinds of jewelry so I do not feel the need to match with excising pieces. I love the variation in styles but somehow I am stuck on picking a favorite, I narrowed them down to 6 xs bracelets because I prefer those over the bigger ones. So my stylish readers, what bracelet is your favorite? Leave it down bellow in the comments!

And other things

I always been a budget girl, some eBay jewelry and some old things that I got from my Gran. My first expensive jewelry was for my 18th birthday, a ring that was marked down from €150 to €40 and I really loved that ring. That was the moment to sparked my more expensive jewelry collection. I decided to ask for every celebrating a piece of jewelry instead of a few more small gifts. I personally feel that those things can be kept forever and they remind me of the day that I got more


Crop tops are something that I adore but personally do not wear. But my opinion got slightly swayed when I found these cute versions online. While my belly is not thin, I still think these tops would fit in my wardrobe seamlessly because they can also be worn with a tank top underneath. They have the most adorable print I have seen and I am a big fan. Also did I mention this seller here sells them for only $8.99. There are four variations, and some are double sided. The bunny top is my favorite, do tell me yours down in the comments


I hear you thinking, what is prepping? Meal prepping is preparing food in advance, so you know that you are eating what you want to eat. Also I personally feel like it saves time and money. Me, I prep for 2 or 3 days  and mostly make breakfast or lunch. There are so many idea's and so much inspiration so I decided to list my tips and give you some images for inspiration. So read more!

What is on my must-have-list

At home I have a little room with my computer and school stuff, I lovingly call it my office. My office also has a little vanity and a big cabinet with my schoolbooks and jewelry. All in all it is slowly coming together to the room that I want it to be. But still it is not finished, the wallpaper is a horrible white stained with yellow shade and I have a cluster of picture frames and a crooked shelve. To be honest, I am sick of it. So soon I am going to have a office make-over. The walls are going to become white with one accent wall and I am going to hang new shelves and painting. When looking online for inspiration I found a lot, so read more to hear more about the above images.

What the hell is schrunden?

I actually have no idea what schrunden means, my German is limited but I do not mind. I recently bought a product that I had not seen before. It is made to soften feet and hydrate them. It has urea and shea butter. And the best thing, the reason why I bought this. It is a foam.

Summer edition!

With the days getting warmer I decided to make an summer wishlist. Now some of these things will not fit me but I am pretty sure that many girls will fit the top and bikini so I included them. I personally really like the cap and I ordered my own version. For the bag I am still debating if I want the peachy pink or the neon pink. 
  • Cut out heart top:  link $5.14 [Also comes in black]
  • Colored bag: link $9.99 [Comes in pink,black, white, orange,rose,red and yellow]
  • Galaxy cap: link $6.99 [6 styles]
  • Bikini: link $10.99 [Comes in orange, pink, green, hotpink and white]

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Neon Aztec stickers!

Recently I received a pack with neon nail stickers from bornprettystore  and to be honest I was not sure how to use these. I did not want a full hand with pattern nails but I wanted to incorporate it in a classy way. I wanted to it catch attention without being to overpowering. So above is a little sneakpeek with some yellow but I also used pink and green. To read more about these stickers, click read more!

Galaxy sneakers

Hand-painted shoes

Recently I came in contact with a lovely girl called evieefjuh, she sells unique shoes at her facebook called Sistershoe. These shoes are hand-painted and made to perfection. I really wanted a pair of galaxy sneakers and she made my dream come true, the shoes where more detailed then I expected and I am really sold. Read more for more pictures and information.

Mermaid's Green

Recently I spotted a new thing in the Manhattan stand at my favorite German drugstore. It where 5 colors of cream eye shadow. Sadly enough I am a poor blogger and I could only pick up one color because my budget would not allow more. They had next to the shade that I picked also pink, silver, cream and brown. I did swatch them in the store to check them out, I personally feel that every shade was stunning and I had a hard time picking one. The pink, silver and cream where perfect subtle shades for highlighting or accents. The brown shade had a lot of color and would perfect for daily wear. Yet I picked the green one because it made a reference to mermaids. Read more for more pictures and a look.

Spam away!

Today an other little article to spam your blog, it has been a while since I last did this. I also want to spam a blog that I really love, Fit with Marit. It is a lovely blog by an amazing girl. She is one of the healthiest and most fun people that I know. She is inspiring and kind. So do check out her blog Fit with Marit

Also leave your blog in the comments and tell me why I should check out your blog!

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10-5 Los Angeles blond

I always need to touch up my roots because I have very light hair and my original color is a lot darker. I always use box dyes and I have a few brands that I adore. Syoss is a brand that is not usually on my list. But when I saw the 'world stylists selection' I had to try this out. I picked up LA blond, a shade that is more cool toned and that should match my own color. What to know more and see the result, read more!

Street art 

I never really understood the idea of a deo bodyspray. I always felt that deodorant was for under your pit and it would function to keep the sweaty scent away. But recently I have been seeing the function of a deo-body spray. With the hot weather I have been having this in my bag and I am sold. Want to know more about this, read more!

And needing your help!

For this summer, I am debating on starting a project. Something motivating or something creative. But I am not sure on what project to start, I have a load of idea's but I want to do something that people like and would like to join perhaps. I have a few idea's and I would love your opinion about it. So it would be amazing if you left a comment with what project has your preference.

Health related

  • Project healthy foods
My breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all healthy. I really like variation and I love trying out new food. I was debating on a project healthy food where I share pictures or video's with all my food. 
  • Project good posture
Good posture can make you look skinnier, and I think a lot of people have bad posture now a days. My posture is horrible and I have been trying to improve it. I have a load of tips and tricks and I do think it would be a really helpful and motivating project.

Fashion related

  • Draw my style
I actually drew a lot a few years ago, and somehow I lost that passion overtime. I was debating on perhaps drawing my own outfits, but also the outfits from smaller bloggers that have amazing style. I would render everything in digital style. I use some of my old art from 2010 in the image above to give you an idea how the drawing would look. 

Beauty related

  • Theme challenges. 
There are a lot of theme challenges out there, I was debating on making my own and having you guys join in. And I would feature my favorites every week. 

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Floral nail art

Recently I have been rocking peony flowers on my nails and I got a lot of questions in real life about how I did it. Also a lot of people grabbed my hands and went "O my god, I love it! I bet you did ages applying that!" and I also heard a few "I bet that manicure was expensive" But truth to be told, I used a nail sticker for it that was really decent priced. I think these stickers are amazing for daily wear or special occasions. So read more for the how, what and where. I did two different manicures with these, so do read more!

MUA - 14 - Bare

I am a girl who prefers pink lips or red lips and at times I tend to go for a tad more sassy purple lip. But since recently we have a MUA display in our local store so I really wanted to try something. Because I am trying not to buy so much nail polish I went for a lipstick. I did not swatch it in the store because I wanted to be surprised but I did notice that Bare was one of the nude shades that would perhaps fit my skin tone. I do not have many nudes, my favorites are this limited edition catrice lipstick and this baby G, eBay lipstick. But I personally felt like I had no really amazing nude. So I went Bare with this lipstick called bare.

I am in love!

With my birthday coming up, I have been collecting jewelry and clothing and shoes and and much. I picked a few of my favorite things and I still debating on what to order. Most things are from the sale, so they are also very decent priced. On the top left we have Fashionology Silver Moon earrings they are marked down from €28.17 to €16.19, these look amazing for the second ear hole. Then we have a statement pair bellow From Kenneth-Jay-Lane marked down from €42.25 to €30.98 they are bright orange with a pop of teal. They look amazing, also size wise they are perfect! Then the bright pink lunchbox is from HappyJackson not marked down but only €8.45, not much to say about is just perfect! Above that are two Maybelline color tattoos they are only €7.03 online and I really love the purple. I am not really sure on the black but I think it would be really nice. Then last but not least, my favorite. The Rock Candy by Zigi loafers in mint. I mean look at them! They are marked down from €42.25 to €28.17

So what do you all think about these goodies?

Hello June!

Sadly I am 3 days late with this article, but I had an important test on school and I decided that needed to come first. I do hope you all, do not mind that this article is a tad later. I had a load of fun picking my favorites for this month, I had very little time to think what I wanted to include because I really used some things this last month. So read more to see my favorites and hear where to get it.

Black Shatter and Neon colors

While some people might argue that crackle is a passed thing, I would like the say that I just love it for the summer! I recently picked up a bottle of OPI shatter because I wanted to see how this polish would stay compared to my cheaper polishes. I picked up the shade black shatter, it is from the Katy Perry Collection if I am correct, this shatter actually dries up matte what the picture not really shows. But yeah, read more to see my mix with neon and OPI black shatter. 

Watching - Work-out - Preparing

My three things from this week where watching soccer on Saturday. The Dutch where playing so as a real patriotic person I needed to watch. Or should I say I had it playing while I was working on my blog, it is really nice to type away and watch soccer while you at it.

Then we have work-out, lately I have been wearing my HRM while working out again. I did a lot of nice Zumba workouts. While I normally go for long workouts that last 2 hours I decided to calm down a bit and go for 40-55 minutes. Also I might like taking sport selfies a bit to much, I am trying to keep my instagram selfies at a minimal.

And last is preparing, you might be wondering preparing for what...Well, my birthday is in a month or a bit over a month. The sixth of July I will be turning the big 25. And I am slowly piecing together my outfit, I am set on colors already but I am not really sure what I want to wear. I decided that I wanted pastel and gold for jewelry. So I ordered the two things above from eBay. And I am debating on a black dress or a black top and legging combination. Also I need to pick out some new sandals to wear that day. So I know I want pastel and gold jewelry and black clothing. But the complete outfit is nowhere near finished. 

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