20 piece brush set from eBay

Recently I bought a brushset from eBay, I ordered from this seller here. I really needed some new brushes because I like painting my face. But yeah, my old make-up brushes where falling apart and I felt like I needed a larger selection of brushes. I did try to find a review online for this set before buying but I could not find one. So I decided to order the set that looked the best. It is this 20 piece set with matte black handle and rose gold. So I took a lot of pictures for this, and I tested these brushes over the past days.

What I really love at the moment

I have times where I feel like I have nothing to wear and because I filled my closer with summer clothing. I now found an empty spot for sport wear. While my mother has to disagree and say I have to much to workout in, I do feel like I need some new things. So I listed a few things from Nike and Addidas and made a collage of two wishlists. Click read more to see what is on my wishlist and see the links and prices. 

Square Metallic Studs

Recently I got a nice package from BornPrettyStore a shop with a lot of things including stuff to do nail art with. I ordered this pack with silver squares. Above you can see a small preview of what I did with it, click read more for the full blogpost with a lot of pictures.

105 Natural Ivory

Foundation, to be honest my most expensive foundation ever had to be from Catrice. I was not really an expensive foundation kind of girl. And I am still not, but I did buy a middle class foundation. This foundation was €14 in the Netherlands and only €7 in Germany what is really decent. Also I should mention, that the price alone was worth the drive to Germany for me. I tested this foundation for over a month, I wore it during warm weather and during the rain. Do you want more pictures and do you want to know what I think? Read more!

A grand eyeliner

When I wear make-up, I wear eyeliner. My standard look is a winged liner and I need a good tip for that, somewhat can work precise. Also I wanted something pure black. After trying a load of liners and brands I decided to pick up the L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss because I really liked the name. Also the shiny blue letters made me want to buy it! For swatches, a look and review do check 

What is strength? 

Strength is measured in many ways, and most people get praise when they succeed. When they reach their goals they get praised for that. But I think their are people who deserve praise before reaching their goals. People who took a good turn and are on the path of success. People who work their hardest and kick ass doing it. Perhaps those people also deserve a little of praise, or just a lot of praise!

There is one girl that I know that is an inspiration to me, she is a person that is so sweet but is dealt some hard cards. And while she could give up, she keeps going. This girl took a bumpy road and even while most people would quit she kept going and she is still going. And is that not strength that deserves praise? I do think she deserves more praise then she gets at the moment. This girl is good to others, she helps others, she listens when you have worries, she cheers you up when you feel down and she motivates you when you need it. And she does that for me without even meeting me. She is an amazing friend without demanding anything in return.

Dear Healthy Happy Life/ Dutchfitwomen, you are amazing. And people should visit your blog here and see the amazing progress that you made at your instagram. This girl lost 18 kilograms and is still going strong! She is my inspiration and reason to not give up. And she deserves a shout out for that!

And I believe we all have those people in our lives, who motivate without asking and who are nice without wanting anything in return. So I would like to tell you, my lovely readers. If you have a person like that, tell them how great they are! And also I would really love to read in the comments who you see as your inspiration or who you look up to.

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And we Dutch love orange!

With the world cup starting in less then a month, I have to prepare! I already have a few things wishlisted and I decided to share with you lovely people. From left to right we first have a thing that is Dutch only. In a few days Kruidvat will be selling this By Dani poncho and I really love the look of that thing. I do have to debate that the poncho really reminds me of mexico for some reason but that does not make me want to have it less. Then next to the Mexican inspired garment we have two pair of earrings. The above pair with feathers you can get at this link. I think those would be really cute with loose hair. The pair below that you can get here. I think those would be really nice with an up-do and my preference goes towards them. Then we have a watch here. Because you need to read the time in style. And last but not least orange lipstick by Rimmel.

A pretty statement collar

When I was browsing eBay a while ago my Grannie pointed out a necklace that she really liked. I decided to order it for her, but when it came in I decided my Gran and me should share it. The necklace is classy yet modern. Also it is perfect for spring because it is really light, it has chain and braided details.


Yes, heat. Currently the sun is shinning here in Holland and people are prancing round in maxi dresses and short shorts. I decided to make a few collages with things that I want to wear this summer or just find inspiration from. Especially if you have no idea what to wear these things come in handy to find some inspiration. So I do hope you get inspired and do read more!

03 Girls just wanna have Sun!

Recently I wrote that I fell in love with peach/coral eyeshadow. And yes, I had to go out an buy a mono eyeshadow in that shade. And I have been wearing that eyeshadow for days now. I love how fresh it makes me look. But I am getting ahead of things, today I am going to show you the Essence limited edition cruisers wet and dry eyeshadow.  A really long name for a pretty eyeshadow. So read more for swatches and a look.

Make-up base

I never understood why people bought make-up bases, till recently I never felt the need to buy it. I had the perfect reason to not buy it, because it would take up time in the morning when I do my make-up. Boy, I was wrong. I had no idea how great a make-up base could be, especially for long days it really helps to keep your make-up in check. I bought a budget base for my first experience and I am sold. Read more to hear what I think of this, and some more pictures.

Printed perfection

Hello amazing followers! I recently binged on eBay, at times I feel like a shopaholic. I recently fell in love with wearing printed tank tops, and eBay surely has a large selection of those. I personally feel that the shops in the Netherlands are overpriced when it comes to these kind of tops. But thank god I found this listing here that sells the above tops for only $8.46 what is a steal. I personally have one favorite and that is the one with the roses with the white text that says "Get over it" I think it is perfect. What do you think?

Healthy life!

At times I see tags that I just need to do, and it has been a while since I last did a tag on my blog. I decided to do a healthy life orientated tag on my blog because I really liked the questions. To be honest I have no idea where I got this tag from, I copied the questions a really long time ago and I recently decided to fill it. I had a load of fun trying to find good pictures for this. I decided to go on a food route, so I would say...prepare to get hungry! Read more for the questions and my answers.

So cute!

Hello dearling readers! I am very sorry about not blogging so much lately. I have been working my butt off at school and things have been hectic. But life is not only bad, I recently found the most amazing watch. It is dainty, cute and adorable. I normally am obsessed with giant big watches, but this watch is the complete opposite. But especially for spring and summer I think this is great. I am leaning towards the black one because black is my color next to lavender and anything neon. But I think the white one also looks very nice. I am thinking about buying the white one for my mom, the black one for myself and an other white one for my sister. But to be honest, I would buy 10 off these to give to friends. You can get get them here for only $2.89 that is round two euro. This would make the perfect gift for most girls. As you can hear I am over the moon for this watch, but what do you guys think? Leave it down below in the comments! 

Secret letter

A gloss lipstick, something I never heard of before. I was really intrigued when I spotted this lipstick in the German drugstore. The combination of the bright pink design and the transparent lid made me want to buy it. Also there is something so classy about this shape lipstick. But it also looks very playful. There was a large selection of colors but I decided to go for safe and pink a pink shade.  So want to know what I think and see some swatches, read more!

Wear- Need - Watch

I have been obsessed with wearing peach eye shadow for this season. It looks amazing with my eyecolor and it is very light and classy. I think especially when you are wearing a black eyeliner you can come of harsher and for school I tend to try to keep my make-up more soft. I also have a beautiful pigmented eye shadow in peach, a review will follow soon. Also both looks are from here

On my need list is a pair of ripped jeans, I am planning on DIY these jeans or at least something similar. Recently I got a lot of tips on how to rip up jeans and I am going to try these out. I am not sure yet till what extend I want to rip the jeans. I personally prefer rips all over but it can be that once I start I feel like doing more or less. But I do know that I really want some ripped jeans and perhaps sew lace in the holes to give it some more texture. Also I am planning to make a few pants more skinny seeing I really hate how much my pants started to sag and be to loose round my legs. 

Watch is a easy one, yesterday I watched eurovision. I was really over the moon that two of my three favorites ended high. They actually became first and second. As Dutch person I was rooting for my own country, the song was decent. I really loved Ilse's dress. Then also I adored Austria, hands down a favorite and I was so happy that she won! The one that ended lower then expected as Iceland, the song was catchy and the performance amazing. Who was your favorite, leave it down below in the comments.

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Don't lie, Lac!

Recently I picked up some really nice mono eye shadows from Catrice. Next to some nudes I also picked up a bright purple. Purple is one of my power colors, it looks amazing with my eyes and makes them stand out. I think purple can be tricky because it might look like a bruise or like a kid who just found make-up. I could not swatch this before use because I got these at a discount store. I payed only €1 for this, this normally is more expensive. So read more for swatches, more pictures and a look.

Help me find new blogs to follow!

Hello dolls! I am searching for new blogs to follow and let me admit, I love to follow my followers. I already found so many great blogs by checking the people who comment on my blog and I am sure there are many more great amazing pretty awsome blogs out there. So do leave me a comment with your blog, and tell me why I should follow you?

I ♥ Summer Break

So recently I bought my first blush. And I know many people will be shocked at my lack of blushes in my collection. I always buy a load of make-up, but blushes never stood out to me. Till I found the Beach Cruisers, 01 I ♥ Summer Break blush. It is a stunning peachy pink gradient and I just had to buy it. So click read more for swatches and more information.

Tiny Haul

Recently I have been trying not to buy so much on eBay, of coarse I am failing at it but at least I am trying. I am trying to be more picky one what I order. So today is going to be a bit more expensive then you normally see in my eBay hauls. But I heard a lot of good things about these three items, so I decided to order them. The first is a necklace, I have seen so many pictures of this necklace in a different variation. I bought this candy colored statement necklace but many people have bought this version that only features the metal and white colored crystals. The next thing has been on my wishlist for ages, the bra you see pictured is like the most perfect bra I will ever find. I am not sure if it will fit because my boobs are huge. But I heard a lot of people say this bra falls true to size. Also it seems to push where it needs to push and it has wide straps. A big plus for me! Also I should note, the other two things might get a review on the site. The bra will not, at least I will not post pictures of me wearing it. Also it is very cheap for a bra. The next thing is something I need, a 20 piece makeup brush set. It is matte black with rose gold and looks really classy. I am really looking forward to getting these things. 

List 1

We all have little things that make your day better, something that makes you smile or just makes you feel good about yourself. So today I am going to show you guys my first happy list. A list with things that make me, happy! Inspired by the last week, the image above has all the key words and if you click read more you will get an explanation.


I have to excuses myself for an other earring post, somehow eBay awoke a beast inside of me. And the beast prefers to wear statement earrings. While last year I was all about the statement necklace or even an armparty I now fell prey to the colorful selection of earrings on eBay. Especially since I have been wearing my hair down in curls I decided to wear bigger earrings. For more pictures and links to these earrings, read more!

Look at all that purple!

Hello dolls, I recently set on a journey to make a new lay-out for my little blog. I had no idea what I wanted and I switched from peach to gray to lilac. I was set on peach and mint but then yesterday I opened my site and came to my senses. The blog layout I had was horrible and most important, it made my head hurt. I decided to go back to my favorite color and my favorite pattern, baroque. My aim was to keep it light and not overpowering. I decided for a simple header and I am still figuring out my sidebar.

I personally feel very happy with this lay-out but I am not the person who needs to look at it while reading. So I would love to hear what you think, you can leave a comment down bellow or if you do not feel like typing you can hear this article at this link here!

Eurovision time!

Two more days till the Eurovision song contest, till the feast begins. I can not explain to people how much I adore watching everybody sing and the excitement when the scores begin to come in. While my big sister is every formula one race stuck to the television, I reserve the sole right to watch Eurovision live without being disturbed. I will be preparing with pen and paper to write down who I want to win and a big bowl of warm popcorn to keep myself sharp for the event. Also I might or might not indulge myself with a few glasses of wine. Do read more....

My Current wishlist

We start with the most expensive thing on my wishlist, a pair of earrings by Mi Moneda. They are from the new collection together with the other Mi Moneda things in my wishlist. These earrings are called Pia and are €130 I do not have a link for them where you can buy them but I found them on the Mi Moneda site and I was so lucky to find a blog with prices. As I said I also do not have a link for the coin it is called the Caresma in light pink and it is €20 for a large coin. And last from the Mi Moneda bunch we have the new bracelets that I really prefer over the old ones, there are more colors but I really like the mint and the purple. They are going to be €50 a piece.

Then we have a colorful short from Nike Pro, I think this would look stunning with a black top and bright sneakers. They are perfect for the approaching summer. They are called the PRO 3 ZIGZAG and you can get them at Zalando at this link here for €27.95. I really like that they added the logo in white on it. Underneath is a belt by Asos it is currently on sale at this link here. As my friends know I am in love with aztec print and black paired with gold is perfect combination. Also it is marked down for only €4.92

Next up are three beauty products or hair and lip products I should say. The first two products are limited editions from Balea a brand you can get at DM a German drugstore. Sadly enough the site does not give pricing but they are very budget. The left is a beach sea salt spray something that I really want to try. And next to that we have a dry shampoo with a berry scent. Last but not least is something similar to a chubby stick, but this one is from Rimmel and only €5.62 And you can get it here.


Tell me what is on your current wishlist?

'Sour' Cherry, Kiwi, Orange and Chia!

Smoothies have to be my favorite thing to make, I am not really a cook but I like fresh things. And my favorite thing to use is my smoothie maker, but I noticed that I never wrote about my concoctions and shared my favorite smoothies. I really wanted to do this article and make more of these articles. This blogpost is going to packed with information about the ingredients and the recipe. I really wanted to highlight why this smoothie is healthy and why I added what I added. My 'sour' smoothie is sour, but in a good way. I think this combination is really tasty and fresh. So do read more!

My top 8

In March I had a big collection of favorites that you can view here. For April I have a smaller collection of favorites. Only 8 things, but 8 lovely things. I have no idea how, but April flew by and I had to really think of what I wanted to show in my favorites and I decided to go for the things that I really used this month a lot. So read more to hear what is what and why it is my favorite!

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