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We all see those lovely sport outfits posted on Tumblr, with girls who wear the most amazing outfits to play sports in or just lounge round the house. In the many years that I have played volleyball and did other sports I picked up some nice tips and tricks to get a nice sport outfit that is not only pretty but is also suited for the sport you are playing. So please read more

Shirt, top or just a bra?

Lets start with the upper body, there are always some things I put into consideration when picking what to wear. Most girls on Tumblr seem to wear those amazing Nike Pro Sportbra's and I have to admit that I have had my eye on this version here. But I am still not ready to wear it on it's own, but I think these are pretty sweet under a big armhole wife beater or tanktop. Also I feel like these bra's are more suited for girls who do not have a really big chest. My breast fit a XL but these things do not give the support that I need. But for those girls you can wear a normal bra underneath it. For shirts, it is all personal. Some people prefer a tight shirt and some people prefer an oversized shirt. When I play volleyball I wear a normal shirt, nothing to big and still not to tight and for Zumba I wear something that is really big with a tanktop underneath it. My pro-tip is trying out the movements you make with the sport while wearing your sport gear. Because I found that some tops look amazing when you are wearing it but when doing the movements you tend to make they ride up to far or twist to much on your body. So always check when in the dressing room.

Shorts, legging or shiny hotpants

I have pants in all sizes and variations and I trend to stick to the same things for the same sports. During volleyball I always wear short shorts like many girls do. I think volleyball shorts are thing, I normally tend to stick to two brands. I love a high waistband for volleyball because shirts tend to rise up when you jump and I prefer not to have to much exposed at those times. Also those little bags that runner shorts have sewn into it, I prefer to buy shorts without them because for volleyball it is just not functional, if you feel the same way I would just have to give the small tip of cutting them out. I also wear those big flappy giant jogging pants, or sweatpants. Those are for me for warming up and staying warm while waiting for the match to begin. Then we have runner tights, those are perfect for runners as the name implies but I also found that they are really nice for Zumba or Les Mills Combat. They are tight so you do not have to worry about getting caught in them and they stretch with every movement. And last but not least, the shiny hotpants are perfect for when you are not feeling like working out and need a little motivation to move around. I just toss on my shiny hot pants and play some Zumba on the Wii. 

Wear things that make you feel good.

Last but not least the most important. I am a firm believer that gym wear needs to make you feel good. It is not a fashion show and you are not going to work-out to impress others. I wore shorts that where pretty but crawled up during a match because I wanted to show off my 'pretty short' but in the end I kept pulling them down making me look silly. I also wore to tight shirts that made me feel conscious about the way I looked. I wore pants that where to big on me and they kept sliding of my butt when I went to run. The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to wear pretty workout gear, but only if you want to. I know a lot of people who can rock a plain tee and a pair of leggings. 

Do tell me in the comments down bellow what you wear to work-out in.  

All images are from Tumblr

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