Sally Hanson in Resurrection

This polish is from the 2013 designer collection from Sally Hansen. This is a shade by Prabal Gurung a Nepalese American fashion designer. Why I am only showing you this now and not in 2013? Because these polishes are currently on sale at 'action' a dutch store. While Sally her shades are normally €10 I payed €1 for this. Killer deal! They had a lot of shades but I really wanted Resurrection. And how fitting it is for Easter. So read more for swatches and a little bit of nail-art.

 Look at that shade! 

It is such a lovely shade, and lets look at the covering. This is only one layer and it looks perfect! Because I wanted it to be more festive, I added this nail art stripping tape, for only 0.99 dollar. It was my first try so it is still not perfect but it looks decent enough.

So what do you guys think of this shade? And would you like to see more nailart with stripping tape? 

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