Bunny ribbon hair holder

With the days getting hotter, I am getting ready for summer. I tend to skip spring and just go all out summer. For me it is only warm weather or freezing. I always tend to go for braids, buns and ponytails but at times they look boring and yes we have a haircuff but now I found something a tad more cute. An elastic with bunny ears, or as I call it...a ribbon! So do read more...

10 pieces!

I ordered 10 pieces here and they got send in random. I got all dotted patterns in a lot of different colors. But there are more styles and colors. They are good quality and finished nicely with no hanging treads. They can stand a bit of force and the fabric is slightly stiff. So when you wear it the 'ears' will stand up. I do not have a lot to say about it, only that it is a cute little fashion statement.  Especially with a bun it looks adorable! 

What do you think about this item, would you wear it or is it to childish for your taste? 

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