Blemish balm

Recently I bought the L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB powder 5 in 1. Yeah it is a long name, I have to admit that. It is my first BB powder, I tried BB cremes before but never powder. I got the light version for €15 if I am correct, at least that is the price bol charges for it. To hear what I think of it and to see some more pictures, do read more!

Dainty and perfect

I love jewelry, that is a fact. Perhaps a little to much because I keep buying jewelry. One day I decided that I would only buy things that I keep wearing and things that never go out of style. My Mi Moneda necklace is one of those, I have been wearing that for over 2 years now and I have pleasure from it everyday. Also my 'Christmas' recent addition my Pandora bracelet is something that is glued to my wrist. There is one thing that I currently convert is an initial necklace. Not a name necklace but only an initial. Read more for inspiration and sellers.

My new lipsticks!

I will bet most people do not know the brand "Baby G" as a make-up brand only as a watch brand. But yeah, I got these lipsticks on eBay for dirty cheap. The metallic pink package was calling my name and I decided to give it a try. I ordered two shades but these come in 12 colors. I decided to go for a popping pink and a more toned down coral shade. For swatches and more, click read more!

Ibiza Bracelets

Recently I went to the action, a dutch store. I wanted some lovely bracelets to wear for layering, and I decided to pick up two sets with bracelets. I think these kind of bracelets are perfect for summer, they are not warm or sticky when the heat hits also I can see me wearing these on vacation while swimming. Want to see more pictures, click read more!
Mi Moneda Ketting Necklace Silver zilver Oceano mint

Océano in mint

Recently I decided to buy a new coin from Mi Moneda. I decided to get one from the newest collection, so I decided to get the Océano in mint. It also comes in blue and white but I really loved how this looked  So do click 'read more' for more pictures. And more important, better pictures!

But as a commen person, I also love them

Sunglasses, they are my weakness. I have them in almost every color and every shape. I love them on my face or in my hair, the moment a few rays of sun hit I already have them on. Recently I bought a pair that is my current favorite, but to be honest I always play favoritism with my newest pair. I got these from eBay and where, how and for how much you need to click, read more!

Sally Hanson in Resurrection

This polish is from the 2013 designer collection from Sally Hansen. This is a shade by Prabal Gurung a Nepalese American fashion designer. Why I am only showing you this now and not in 2013? Because these polishes are currently on sale at 'action' a dutch store. While Sally her shades are normally €10 I payed €1 for this. Killer deal! They had a lot of shades but I really wanted Resurrection. And how fitting it is for Easter. So read more for swatches and a little bit of nail-art.
Mint leaf earrings ebay

The days get warmer and the earrings get bigger

I noticed that when the days get warmer my earrings get bigger. And I think a good pair of statement earrings can be worn with an up-do or with loose hair. It should look pretty without being to overpowering. And I think the above earrings do that. I bought them in mint what is my current favorite spring color next to coral. So if you want to know where I got these and what I payed for them, click read more.

A Minty Week

I have posted Currently posts every Sunday, but I felt something was lacking. Much information was repeated and it felt forced. I decided to try my hand at free writing. Just about an event of the last week or something that lingered on my mind. But enough intro, let me write. 

A mint week, not as fresh as you might imagine. But far better then the black hole I have been sinking into the last few weeks. The last few months have been horrible and lacking, I even debated on deleting my blog because I felt like I was just taking up internet space. My pictures where not up to par and my articles felt shorter and shorter. I felt like school was taking over my life and I had no time to think. Sleeping was something that I really wanted but where I had no time for. Sport was something I somehow stopped finding time for and something I only did twice a week. 

But the last week felt like I was crawling out of that slum. I felt 'minty' and fresher then I was before. I took my camera and actually took time to make pictures and just did my best. And the result is far better then I hoped. Above you can see a little sneak peak off what is coming to my blog. A few mint colored jewelry items but that is not everything, for the first time in a long time I made nail polish swatches and I posed a sneak peek on my instagram here. And I was delighted that I got 19 likes. And I am sure a lot of people are laughing now because 19 is not a lot for most people, but for me it is amazing! 

I decided to spice up my life with a bit of color, I dipped my hair into a bright pink and flashy purple color. And I decided to take a bit more care of my looks by curling my hair. I even flirted around a bit with some nice guys. 

I found my volleyball mojo back, last Wednesday I felt like I took back my old 'spirit' and strength. I was the girl of the match that had people from the bleachers cheering my name.

And what I want to say with this blogpost, is that even when you had a bad time, things start to look up and you will feel 'minty' again.

From Zalando

Today I have something excited that I want to share with you guys, my first designer bag. Sure it is not a chanel bag but I am really excited to own this bag. I was strolling on the Zalando site for a perfect schoolbag and I hit gold with this Steve Madden bag, because it is currently for sale on the Zalando site here. It keeps going out of stock and in stock, I recommend to leave your email on the site so they can notify you when the bag is back in stock because this bag is worth it....

Cute but also suited for sports

We all see those lovely sport outfits posted on Tumblr, with girls who wear the most amazing outfits to play sports in or just lounge round the house. In the many years that I have played volleyball and did other sports I picked up some nice tips and tricks to get a nice sport outfit that is not only pretty but is also suited for the sport you are playing. So please read more

At time for watching

I am really in love with headbands because they add a little something to every outfit, they can dress up a simple outfit or add a little something to your party outfit. I recently found the pink pewter headbands at time for watches. I have to say that they are almost like jewelry so special and detailed. I would really love one of these headbands, they have so many different styles so I bet everybody can find something they love. Read more to see more styles and all links.

Some small things

Recently I ordered some things from eBay, some things that I 'need' and some things that I want. From left to right we have a reorder, the same tube I ordered ages ago and is almost finished. It is a 'must have' skincare product. This is the Daiso Japan black facemask. This mask is perfect for reducing imperfections and has a strong oil absorbing power thanks to the charcoal. Also it really reduces pores. I think it is perfect and only a few dollars for a tube that lasts a really long them. Then we have 10 rolls of nailart striping tape for only $0.99, I never tried this before but it somehow called my name. I think I can do a lot of nice things with this. Then we have a ring with my favorite stone, this is a Amethyst ring. Last but not least we have two headbands, one with silver flowers and one with fabric flowers. These are perfect when it is sunny outside and they look really cute. I can tell you these are going to be a hit this summer!

Hello Kate!

Whenever I look at this lipstick I get chills down my spine. It looks so horrible mucky when you see the lipstick. But I really adore this dark mauvy shade on the lips. It kind of reminds me of that Acqua di gioia add with the women who has lips similar to this color. I have to say, this is not a daily color but it is a nice twist in my pink/red collection. Want to read more, and see swatches...

For this season

For this season I have three things on my wishlist at the moment. The first is this legging here, with barok print. It is some sort of velvet print on a lovely legging and it is only $7.99. I can see this being worn with an oversized shirt or a pretty dress. It is great for these semi-warm days. Next we have Star earrings from asos. These are marked down from €14 to €7. These little stars are cute and will fit many outfits. And last but not least we have a light pink scarf with swallows. From new look!

What is your must have for this season?

Colorful eye shadow

I really adore Tumblr and recently i found a lot of colorful eye shadow looks. They are the most stunning looks with a lot of drama and color. I recently got a lot of pigments and I decided to do my own version of colored eye shadow, now I have to warn you...they are not as great as the above picture. I am still learning how to work with these pigements, but it really shows the colors of these pigments so read more!

A first look

Recently I received a tiny sample of Vichy Idealia. I can not make a big full review of this because I had only 15ml of product to work with and so I could not test it for a long time. Still this creme was so nice that I wanted to tell you guys about it....

Bunny ribbon hair holder

With the days getting hotter, I am getting ready for summer. I tend to skip spring and just go all out summer. For me it is only warm weather or freezing. I always tend to go for braids, buns and ponytails but at times they look boring and yes we have a haircuff but now I found something a tad more cute. An elastic with bunny ears, or as I call it...a ribbon! So do read more...

In a pink bottle! 

Let me tell you about a story about abuses, about abusing my nails. My lovely nails get painted with every color of the rainbow, they get glittered like there is no tomorrow, then I tend to try and pry things open with them and follow with a few matches of volleyball. I am pretty sure my nails hate me.  But lucky that hate is not showing thanks to a few coats of this 4 in 1 one care polish....

April #1

  • Saw
Sterren springen, the Dutch version of [Celebrity] Splash. I have to take a moment to be sad about the fact that 'Dikke Dennis' is out. I think his jump was decent for him. But sadly enough the judges did not agree.
  • Read 
I actually did not read a lot this week. 
  • Listened 

Mblaq- Be a man
  • Did
I worked ahead on blogposts, I made a list with items I want to write and I wrote down what I needed to take pictures off. So tomorrow will be my picture day!
  • Ate
A banana, I feel so lame writing this down.
  • Drank
Coca Cola with Vanila, my guily pleasure!
  • Had luck with
Winning eBay listings, I bidded $0.99 on some items and I won most of them! Not sure if it is luck or just good bidding. But I felt pretty lucky at that moment. But it did trigger my spending sprea.
  • Laughed At

This image here, It is not even funny but I still laughed.

  • Annoyed At
My phone, it seems to be slowly dying and it keeps hanging between screens and stopped opening certain apps. It does not make me a happy person. Especially instagram is really slow and I wanted to use instagram more. perhaps I should invest in a new phone. 
  •  Wished
That I had more time to do the things I enjoy, school is really getting the best of my time.
  • Bought
I had to really think about this one, it has been a while since I bought something if I am correct. I am pretty sure it has to be my DM drugstore haul. I got some blue nailpolish, a black eyeliner and a mascara. Not that interesting.
  • Clicked
This listing here because I am debating on getting some fake Dior pearl earrings. But they look so bulky! 
And this listing, again a debate if I want to buy. But I am not sure if it will fit. Perhaps a nice DIY?
Purple triangle earrings from eBay

Purple Statement Triangle

Hello, it has been a while since I really blogged and shot great pictures. I have been feeling not that good and was overwhelmed with school. But now that is slowly passing and I do hope you all will still enjoy to read my blog and I will do my best to improve it's quality. But enough about that, today I am going to show you all my lovely new earrings.....

My new tea egg

I tend to have phases where I drink a lot of tea, currently I have a nice warm cup standing next to me. But I am far to picky with my tea and I have a few tea's standing here that have a strange taste but are super healthy. I decided to get a tea egg to make my own mix of healthy tea with some tasty tea. In the stores you can get a lot of tea eggs where you can put your loose tea in but most of them are bland and steel. I wanted something that motivated me to go for tea more often. And then I decided to check eBay.......

And be the favorite of April

Hello loves, today an other opportunity to spam your blog. As I announced in my last spam your blog, I will be picking one blog from this article and I will be featuring it as favorite blog of the month at the end of this month like I did in this article here. So please spam your blog and tell me why I should visit your blog! Also it would be great if you followed my blog

Silver key pendant

Lovely key not so lovely story! 

Recently I decided to visit the Dutch Jewelry store Lucardi to check out some jewelry. I always buy loads from Lucardi and I always get good service. But this day there was a new girl who went to help me. After wandering round the store I saw what I wanted, a little key pendant. But there where two kinds in the window the one that I bought and an other one. Because a card was covering the bottom of the key I decided to ask the shop lady if I could see both pendants because the card was blocking the bottom. But it seemed like I asked her a strange question because she noted "Are you planning on buying it? Because I am not opening the window for you if you are not buying it!" I was taken back by this response because I normally get good care from this store. Surely this girl could understand that I wanted to see the whole key before buying it? In the end I just shrugged it off and bought the key. I actually wanted an other ring but I decided against it because I was sure the girl would not be helpful with me trying on a few rings. So I payed for my key and left....

Not a good experience, but I did buy a lovely key pendant. It kind of reminds me of T&C

Perfect for some summer dresses!

With the sun coming out, it is the perfect time to get some summer dresses and get ready for the heat! And with these dresses from Nelly and Club L you can surely bring the heat. They currently have a 20% sale at their site here and they have some lovely dresses for sale. From left to right we have a mint sequin dress  and next to that my favorite, a tight bodycon dress with lace . Next to that we also have mint but this time with some texture and the last one is a printed skater dress. 

I would say, time advantage of this deal and check it out!

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