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Picture perfect!

As you might have noticed, my pandora bracelet is my new baby. It fits everything and it is so nice to fill up with meaningful charms. I decided before buying this bracelet that I wanted to fill it up with all silver charms, no colors and no glass beads. For Christmas my Grannie gave me money to buy a charm that I loved. I decided to pick up a charm that shows my love for taking pictures, a little camera! I waited for 6 weeks to get this one because my jewelry store special ordered it for me but they had trouble with shipping. But yeah to view front view and backview of this little charm, click read more!

Pandora Camera Charm front

Recently I was debating the price of these charms with a classmate, the thing is that you pay a price for a tiny charm and before you know it you pay a lot of money to fill up your bracelet. I personally see it as an investment, you buy silver and something that is personal to you. Nobody will have the exact same bracelet and the charms are perfect to ask for as a gift. I payed €24 for this one. It is one of the 'cheaper' charms to get. But that does not take away the amount of detail in this charm, you can see the little knobs on it, the flash, the buttons and the viewfinder in the back. The amount of detail is really nice. And this is perfect for people who adore to take pictures.

Pandora camera charm back

I am really happy with this charm, I think it is adorable! What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments! 

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