My current top favorite playlist songs

I think working out to music makes it a lot funner and easier. I love things that have a beat to it so I can adjust my tempo to the music. I have a combination of English and Korean songs and I love them all. My current favorites are showed above, some are individual songs and some are albums. So click read more to get links to all my songs. Perhaps some of these songs will land on your playlist.

Mblaq - this is war

I am a big fan MBLAQ and I adore almost all off their songs.  Yet the above song has to be my favorite song to work-out on. I tend to love a good beat and this song surely delivers. I tend to shake my body to the beat when working out to this song. I often see myself as a solder training when this song turns on.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse

This song is not as upbeat as I normally prefer to train on, but I really love this song. It is a really amazing song. I normally turn this up as I jump rope or when I am on my bike.

Girls Generation - Mr.Mr.

I am normally not a girl generation fan but they do have lovely songs, their new song Mr.Mr is pretty amazing

Ellie Goulding - Burn

This song is my empowerment song, when I feel bad I turn this up with the volume far to high. This is a power song that makes me feel good about myself. This is a bad ass song that is also sung very nicely. 

Kesha - Timber

What can I say about this, Kesha is amazing! But beside my little girlcrush on Kesha I have to say that this song is one of my favorites that I always put on. Not only when working out but also when typing away on my little keyboard working on school or blog posts. This song makes me happy and it has a country vibe but in a good way. 

2ne1 complete new album called crush

Above is a youtube link to the full album and a download link. I really like the songs crush, Gotta Be You, Happy and scream. But to be honest the complete album is amazing. Also I would advice you hear the complete collection of this group because they have many more amazing songs

This is currently on my playlist, I would love it if you listed one song that is currently on my playlist because I love to discover new songs! 

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