Blue and Green

To give a small recap of this last article I wrote about these pigments, I got these from eBay, to be correct I got them from this seller here. I can say that the packaging is really great, it traveled from Chine to Holland without breaking a single pigment. I got 60 pigments, 30 where glitter based and 30 normal shades. But you can also get only glitters at this listing here. I decided to swatch these after dipping my brush in some water because the color comes out better that way and it is easier to apply. I also listed the numbers of the colors on the image. I already wrote once about these pigments and I swatched the purple, pink and yellow tones, you can view the article here: 

The greens

46 is really disappointing to me, it is a mucky green and it looks dirty on the skin. I am pretty sure I will not be using this one a lot or even not at all. But then again the other two greens do not disappoint. 18 is a fresh green that I can see being paired with yellow or brown. Then we have 55 that is a favorite from the greens. It is bright teal shade, it is between blue and green and I can not wait to get this on my eyes! 

The blues

I think blue eye shadow is a hit or miss, when done good it can look very pretty but I also have to note that a lot of old folk tend to put on one thick layer of blue from lash line to brow bone. But as a firm believer of blue eye shadow and I will be rocking this from day to day. I really love these four shades together. I can see this being a nice look together. I can see 2 or 19 in the inner corner with perhaps some white and then 21 over the lid and 54 in the cut crease. I think it could make a nice look. Also the above four pigments are from the jars in the first picture.

Then we have some more blue. I am not sure what to think of these blues. They where harder to apply and less pretty. At least I think 59 & 7 are less pretty. I can see 44 and 22 in a look with 44 being an all over color and 22 in the crease. Not my favorites but still very use able. 

So this was the blue and greens, some hit and some miss. What do you think? 

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