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As you might have noticed, I have a thing for jewelry. And I tend to look in two places for jewelry, the first is the jewelry store because the quality is topnotch. But I also venture a lot into eBay, this because I can get unique things for a decent price. I love it when people ask "Where did you get that!" the moment I wear something new. And let me say, I got a lot of questions in real life where I got these rings. So read more to hear from which seller I got these lovely little rings.

What is Druzy?

The term "Druzy" refers to the tiny crystal which is formed within of on another stone in a large number. When the ground water that carries dissolved silica is forced to to get filled into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling occurs and it causes the formation of minute crystals. As in Druzy Chrysocolla, the rock is composed of agatized chysocolla with crusts of small sparkling quartz crystals in tiny cavities. To make it short and simple, druzy stones are crystals formed on the host stone. It gives a stunning effect and to be honest it is more unique to me then normal polished gemstones. 

Sellers and color variations

I got these from a different listing a while ago but the seller sold out those rings. But thank god, eBay has a lot of sellers that sell the same thing. I found my ring exact in Gold but that was the only identical ring I could find. I did found the blue one here but it has a different setting. Also I found the same exact ring in purple. And similar rings in gold and blue. I also found a bigger variation with blue stone and gold

All in all, I am in love with my little rings, they look great stacked together with different rings or each other. They look unique and expensive while these are very decent priced. After wearing these for a while I can say these are still in perfect condition, the stone is glued firmly in place and the ring stays the silver it was when I first got it. This also does not stain my skin.

What do you think about druzy stones? Have you seen anything like this before? Tell me in the comments down below!

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