Be happy

I firmly believe that weight loss or getting fit is 90% a positive attitude, you can loose as much weight as you can with a negative mindset but it will not make you happy and it will not make you keep it up. I recently read an article that was telling me about how a mantra can help you loose weight and it is true. I will not say that if you stand up every morning with the words "I will loose 80 kilos today" and then you go wild on junk food that you will loose those kilos. But what I am saying is that you will keep up your workouts or healthy scheduled if you tell yourself you can. You will be happier when you are positive against yourself...if you want to know more, click read more.

Make a mantra

Some girls struggle with "eating healthy" now you might wonder how a positive mindset can help you. Most of the times when you try to eat healthy you can have dips where you think "I can not do this...screw it I will eat everything!" But what if you stick a post-it on your fridge with "You can do this" or "Keep up the good work"  that will act as a little reminder how good you are doing. I personally think that can motivate to keep on eating healthy. 

And you can hide 'motivation' everywhere, just check tumbler for positive images and you see loads that would be perfect as a background. And if you need some help, I have a lot of images on my tumblr here at 'Eat More Rabbit Food" 

I have a few 'motivational favorites' myself.
See beauty in everything.
You are worth more then you think
If you work hard, you will get there some day.
Eat more rabbit food.

What is your favorite mantra or motivational sentence, do tell me in the comments below!

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