Bye March!

With April dawning upon us I decided that I wanted to make a favorites article. Sadly enough I do not own a film camera so I did this the 'old fashion' picture style. This is not a full beauty article but it has everything from make-up to food to jewelry but also my favorite bloggers and songs of the last month. I am debating on doing this every month because I adore these kind of articles and they are really fun to make. I would really like to hear what you think, so leave a comment with what you want to see. Every month an article like this or not? But for now, do read more!

And a replica?

Recently I fell in love with the way the Juste Un Clau Nail Bracelet looks. But sadly enough these bracelets are over €5.500 and far out my reach. I went to eBay to check if they have similar bracelets and I found this bracelet in rose, gold and silver and the ring version. I decided to Google for inspiration and I found a lot of lovely images, you can click read more to see them all. 
Because this contest is dutch only I decided to write this in Dutch.

Koninklijke outfit

Het is bijna weer zover, koningsdag. En daarbij hoort natuurlijk een outfit gepast voor royality.  Ik ben zelf persoonlijk fan van Zalando gezien ik hier alles kan krijgen wat ik nodig heb voor een leuke outfit. En laat het nou zijn dat Zalando een competitie organiseert waar jij een cadeaubon kan winnen. In totaal word er voor €550,- aan Zalando vouchers weggegeven aan degenen die de mooiste Koninklijke outfit samenstellen op de zalando website. Een eerste prijs ter waarde van €250 en 3 prijzen van €100. Geld genoeg om een vorstelijke outfit samen te stellen. Het enigste wat jij hoeft te doen is een outfit samen te stellen die waarin jij je een royal voelt. Je kan meedoen  tot en met 26 april via deze link hier.
Ik heb al wat leuke dingen gezien die op mijn koningsdag wishlist gaan, maar daar horen jullie meer over in een later artikel. Laat me weten bij de comments of je mee gaat doen aan deze leuke contest. 


Doing yoga is good for your body and it will bring you many benefits. It helps you breathe better, and as you breathe better, move better and circulate better, all the other organs function better. But that is not everything, if you are like me and you have trouble with sleep. Research shows that two times a week some yoga will help you sleep better. Also one benefit that tickles my fancy is that it helps improve your posture, relief stress and aid in weight loss. All in all it brings amazing benefits and it is worth checking out. So please read more!

Lets check some pictures!

So I tried to keep up with the picture posts but sadly enough I am not that good at snapping pictures off every aspect of my life. So today a collective picture article! I do hope you enjoy!

It is time to put some glasses on!

So the first rays of sun are already coming out and to be honest I already wore my sunglasses. But I have a love for unique sunglasses so I went to eBay to order some more. Starting from left to right we first have a pair of glasses that I have on and off my wishlist for ages now, These lovely glasses with arrow design are only $4 and I got them from that seller myself because they where the cheapest I could find. I ordered the floral design myself but they also have leopard, black, brown and pink. They next one is still a debate for me, these aviator glasses have mirrored glasses and I already own a blue pair but they have a load of colors here. Also only for 4 dollar. The next pair is a round, Lennon style glasses they look really pretty and kind of boho, I really think these are great but sadly enough they do not fit my face shape. And last a black pair with barok details. They are kind of fancy but really fitting for many outfits.
What is your favorite pair of sunglasses? 

Brown, Black, Gray and White

To give a small recap of this last article I wrote about these pigments twice before, I got these from eBay, to be correct I got them from this seller here. I can say that the packaging is really great, it traveled from Chine to Holland without breaking a single pigment. I got 60 pigments, 30 where glitter based and 30 normal shades. But you can also get only glitters at this listing here. I decided to swatch these after dipping my brush in some water because the color comes out better that way and it is easier to apply. I also listed the numbers of the colors on the image.

Blue and Green

To give a small recap of this last article I wrote about these pigments, I got these from eBay, to be correct I got them from this seller here. I can say that the packaging is really great, it traveled from Chine to Holland without breaking a single pigment. I got 60 pigments, 30 where glitter based and 30 normal shades. But you can also get only glitters at this listing here. I decided to swatch these after dipping my brush in some water because the color comes out better that way and it is easier to apply. I also listed the numbers of the colors on the image. I already wrote once about these pigments and I swatched the purple, pink and yellow tones, you can view the article here: 

What I really really really want.

I often make wislists but I also have a 'giant' wishlist with things that I would really love and that I am saving up for. I recently lost 6 kilos or 13 pounds depending on your weighting system. I will surely buy something from this list when I reach 10 kilos or 22 pounds. So I still have a decent amount to go but these things will keep me motivated. From left to right we have a great tank top. There is this amazing black #Beast top from this etsy seller here. It is the perfect tank top for summer. Top middle we have a Nike sportbra from Zalando, I tried this one on but it is not perfect as a sport bra for me. I learned that I really need to wear an other bra under this, but it would be great to wear with a tank top with big armholes. Going down we have a kettle bell, I have no link to that but these are sold everywhere. The giant pink bracelet is a Fit bit flex from B&F shop this is something I really want and I would wear daily. It would be amazing to track my movement and be inspired to get higher steps everyday. And next to it is a three pack of bracelets so I can swap colors to match my outfits. I still have a long way to go with saving up for the FitBit but it seems like an amazing gadget!

Pink, Purple & Yellow

Recently I bought a lot of pigments from eBay. I got 60 pigments for only $11.79 or €8.48. I spend some time swatching everything and taking pictures of the jars. I decided to split this up in more then one article seeing I got a lot of pictures and I wanted to keep it organized. Today I am going to show you all the pink, purple and yellow shades. So do read more, I will promise you will not be disappointed. 

For 6 dollar

Recently I came across this lovely website that sells shirts for only 6 dollars, they all have unique prints and come in a large variety of colors. No need to say it, I was sold. I listed my favorite shirts above and if you click read more you get the links to the site and the shirts. My favorite has to the the "When life gives you lemons add vodka" It is really great but I also love the Classically Trained one.Also a small hint, they also have guy shirts what would be a perfect gift for brother or boyfriend.

Spiked and diamonds

Recently I got a new necklace, something that is perfect to wear with any outfit. I think this necklace adds a little rockstar twist to every outfit and sparkle to a bit of plain. This is going to be a super short article because I have a lot of school work to do and I am swamped. I recently I ordered this necklace here from that seller for a tiny bit over 5 dollar. Really cheap! I recieved the amazing necklace you can see above an below, it is a chain necklace that is a tad heavier then costume jewelry. It is really sturdy and I wore it for a few days already. I really wanted to show you guys this because I am pretty sure many more would love to own this. So click read more for an other picture of the whole necklace.

Heart of Dixie,  I just finished the first season in a few days and I am going strong to watch all the seasons.
Also I watched my favorite korean show, running man! It is amazing and if you ever get the chance I would really watch it!

Not a lot actually, I went trough some blogs but mostly I read topics on a forum. I also read some really interesting articles about Raspberry Ketone and Green coffee beans. It is a subject that really interests me.
Drop it low - Zumba
Worked on some reports for school, loads of fun....

Some bourbon vanilla ice cream. My favorite! 
Had luck withNothing actually, it was not a bad week but I had luck with nothing. 
Annoyed At
People who think they know everything and give stupid advice and when you call them out they act all but-hurt and suddenly toss themselves in the victim position. I think those people are far to dramatic and only think about themselves
A large set of eyeshadow, I really need to swatch it and show it off on my blog. It is a really great budget product.
Also I got 10 pieces of hair ties with bunny ears. It sounds strange but it is really cute and perfect for summer with a bun!
For a miracle
Clicked because I need a new vest. I really want a lovely black one that is draped but I can not find it.

Laughed At
De Lama's they are so funny and great, do note that it is all in Dutch. 

A nice top and a lot of assesories

I am in love with a lot of stuff from ASOS, I decided to make a little wishlist with some nice pieces that I would really love to wear at the moment. From a stunning top to a floral watch and a little black bag. Click read more to see what I picked and for the prices and links.

Be happy

I firmly believe that weight loss or getting fit is 90% a positive attitude, you can loose as much weight as you can with a negative mindset but it will not make you happy and it will not make you keep it up. I recently read an article that was telling me about how a mantra can help you loose weight and it is true. I will not say that if you stand up every morning with the words "I will loose 80 kilos today" and then you go wild on junk food that you will loose those kilos. But what I am saying is that you will keep up your workouts or healthy scheduled if you tell yourself you can. You will be happier when you are positive against yourself...if you want to know more, click read more.

And watch me go! 

I always tend to have music on when I am traveling or working-out, when I am traveling I tend to just listen to the radio on my phone but somehow it does not survive a full day of school and I am often left with a dead battery. And to be honest I wanted to hear my own music so I bought an little MP3 player, something that I could toss in my bag without fearing to break it or wear when working-out.

But is it practical

I adore the look of talons, especially in black or a pastel tint. It looks really classy and edgy and to be honest I have been loving it for ages. I have been debating for ages to file my nails in this shape and to try rocking it. But what is holding me back? sport...and to be exact, volleybal. I can see my nails breaking faster then twigs with this nail style. I tend to rock long nails on the court and they survive. But I think filing my nails into this point shape will the be the end of my nails. 

What do you think of this talon style, do you love and would you rock it. Or would you prefer a different shape?

Spam your blog!

It has been a while since I posted this kind of article but I wanted to do a spam your blog again, today on this post you can spam your own blog and tell a bit about it. I wanted to add a twist to it, my favorite blogs that post here will be posted in a separate 'favorites of...' article. So do spam your blog! or perhaps spam your friends blog while you are at it!
SawFrozen, my first Disney movie in ages. I really loved the story and the songs. Also the way it is drawn is really amazing. I personally really adore Olaf. Must see movie!
Womens fitness magazines, especially the UK editions for January and February. I really prefer this magazine over the Dutch Womens health at the moment. Also it is very nice that I can read it on my tablet seeing I have far to many magazines laying around. Listened Glee - Mean
Zumba'ed. My favorite work-out
Sunflower seeds. A nice little snack with a load of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Drank
Had luck with
Finding the perfect gift for my grannies birthday, I got her a pair of stunning Pandora earrings. They are silver with a pearl. Perhaps soon I will post a picture of it.
Laughed At
Some silly fitspo images. I really love fitspo meme's, they are so fun yet true at times. 
Annoyed At
People who think eating far to small portions and amounts of food is healthy. I tried to give idea's how to eat enough healthy food yet they called it bullshit and kept on under eating. Sadly enough the media gives the idea that that is healthy. 
That I could loose inches faster, my weightloss is so slow at moments and it is discouraging at times. Bought
Those earrings for my grannie also I ordered some Yves Rocher make-up for her. Also a skull scarf for Spring with a nice pop off color.
My own tumblr because I needed to get a theme. 

On sale!

There are three pallets currently on my wishlist, all from elf and all marked down. In the upper left corner we have a 32 geometric set featuring a lot of colors that are suited for a daily look. There are three colorways for this, all featuring brown tones and naturals. It is marked down from $12.00 to $6.00
Bellow that we have a 18 piece geometric set that is perfect for traveling, featuring brown,blue and black tones. And there is also a combination featuring pink instead of blue. It is marked down from $10.00 to $5.00
And last but not least we have a big but small set. the 22 piece mini on the go set. It is marked down from $15.00 to $10.00 and it has everything you need.

For €6.95

A quick tip for everybody, Nelly currently has a lot of shoes for €6.95. You can view them here at Nelly!
I saw a lot of amazing shoes, mostly heels. So if you need some more shoes, you should check out the Nelly site.

My current top favorite playlist songs

I think working out to music makes it a lot funner and easier. I love things that have a beat to it so I can adjust my tempo to the music. I have a combination of English and Korean songs and I love them all. My current favorites are showed above, some are individual songs and some are albums. So click read more to get links to all my songs. Perhaps some of these songs will land on your playlist.

Ibiza Bracelets 

Let me start with saying, this is a dutch store so I am sorry for all the people reading this and thinking "I need these bracelets" but then live overseas. For the dutch girls and the girls living near Holland their site has the adress of these stores.  I especially when to the store for these bracelets because I saw them on this lovely blog here.  So read more to hear more about my new bracelets and how much they cost!
Pandora flower bow camera bracelet pandorabracelet

Picture perfect!

As you might have noticed, my pandora bracelet is my new baby. It fits everything and it is so nice to fill up with meaningful charms. I decided before buying this bracelet that I wanted to fill it up with all silver charms, no colors and no glass beads. For Christmas my Grannie gave me money to buy a charm that I loved. I decided to pick up a charm that shows my love for taking pictures, a little camera! I waited for 6 weeks to get this one because my jewelry store special ordered it for me but they had trouble with shipping. But yeah to view front view and backview of this little charm, click read more!

Stones please!

As you might have noticed, I have a thing for jewelry. And I tend to look in two places for jewelry, the first is the jewelry store because the quality is topnotch. But I also venture a lot into eBay, this because I can get unique things for a decent price. I love it when people ask "Where did you get that!" the moment I wear something new. And let me say, I got a lot of questions in real life where I got these rings. So read more to hear from which seller I got these lovely little rings.

Anti-Stress mask

What freeman says about their own mask is: Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores. Lavender and Bergamot help achieve an aroma-therapeutic bliss to rinse away stress for smooth and radiant skin. Perfect for all skin types. It does sound like a good mask, read more to hear what I think about this product.

New month, new goals

Last month has been a good and a bad month for me. It is a bit 50/50 for some reasons. I had a good month because I lost weight, accepted my body, people noticed that my face is smaller and I had positive grades at school. That all made February great. What was not so great where just a few small things. I somehow had a load of schoolwork that cut down my blogging time, I seemed to have no time left to work on blogposts because life was full of school. And that is something I want to change for March, I want to keep posting everyday and make even better articles then before. 

So blogging everyday is my goal for March, it would be lovely if you told me what  is your goal for March? Do leave it in a comment below!

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