Lets feel good..

For all you single girls who fear the 14th of February, a feel good list to get trough that day and the days before that. So do read more.

Treat yourself, with no boyfriend to spend for you have more money left to buy yourself some goodies. Go to eBay and order a lot of stuff and the moment it arrives it feels like gifts from all your admirers. Or if you are more generous, buy some nice stuff for your parents, friends or random strangers in the street. Me personally, I am buying myself this Ryan Gosling, journal. so I will have a guy telling me I am pretty. And these heart earrings.

Sing your hearth out, with hits like All the single ladies, Timber, Survivor and Candyman. Also bonus points if you dance to these classics. It is a happy maker and a work-out in one.

Wear sexy lingerie, even when nobody is going to see it on V-day it will make you feel far more happy and confident. At least for me pretty underwear makes me feel so much better. I am debating a few sets on Asos and I really adore this floral body

Wear a bold lip color, with no man to kiss you can wear whatever lip color you want without having to think about wearing a smudge proof super stay lipstick.

Give a party, no need to stay alone all day and watch cliche movies. Trow a party for all your single friends and just have a good time.

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