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Recently I found a very cheap listing for a lip product and to be honest I was skeptical about buying a lip product on eBay. For only $1.25 it can not be great right. Also it can not be matte right? But I decided to take a leap of faith and just order from this seller here. There where 7 shades from pinks to reds and I decided to go bolder then bold. I went for something that I normally never wear, dark red. I think the shade looks really classy and I wanted to try it out. So read more for swatches

Dark red!

Above I applied the product on my lips. As you can see the shade is really matte, no shine to be found! And that is a big plus because I always have a hard time finding a shade in matte with no shine. This completely dries without shine. 

But I wanted to show it looks without cleaning up, in the second picture you can see how the 'stain' is on my upper left lip and how it applies. It is very hard to apply but the moment you put it on it also stays on for a full day. I had to clean it off with oil on the end off the day because it was still in place. As I said it is hard to apply neatly and it will need some practice, I would advice cleaning it all up with a dark red pencil or some concealer. 

All in all it is a nice product, and I do think I made it myself hard with adding a close up because it always looks less clean up close. It is a great product that has an really good staying power for a very budget price, I would advice you guys to order one in a shade you like from this seller here. I ordered 2 more in pink shades.

Are you planning to order your own lip lacquer? If so leave me a comment with what shade is in your basket! 

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