From eBay

Recently I found a very cheap listing for a lip product and to be honest I was skeptical about buying a lip product on eBay. For only $1.25 it can not be great right. Also it can not be matte right? But I decided to take a leap of faith and just order from this seller here. There where 7 shades from pinks to reds and I decided to go bolder then bold. I went for something that I normally never wear, dark red. I think the shade looks really classy and I wanted to try it out. So read more for swatches

20% off phone cases

Cath Kidston is a brand that I love to see, I can spend hours looking at the site here. Recently I noticed how they also deliver worldwide. That means that I need to make a wishlist with stuff I want to order. There is so much to pick from but accessories and home have to be my favorite categories. But that is not what this blogpost is about, you might have noticed that the above image says "Phone cases, 20% off" and I wanted to share this sale with you guys because these lovely and girly phone cases are currently very nicely priced. You can view the phone cases here and you can also click read more for all the phone cases that are currently on sale.

Holomania - Holo in one

Today I have an other polish in the luxury lacquer collection. The silver here was stunning but I personally prefer the blue one. So I would love to hear what you think of this shade, so read more to see swatches!

Little things that I need in my life

Top left we have a lovely statement necklace. A necklace that would be perfect on a plain t-shirt. 
Then we have a watch that comes in four colors, this listing has brown and yellow this listing has red and this listing has black.
This vest, for only 8 dollar. I love the draped effect and the green shade with black binding. 
here is a watch that comes in four colors and features a world map.
And the last one is this light pink necklace, it would be perfect for spring. 

What is your favorite from this all?

Holomania - Holo Manolo

Catrice has a new collection that features three kind special polishes. They have sandstyle, glitter and holo. I decided to pick up two holo polishes and one with glitters. To be honest I could have picked up the whole display because the polishes looked amazing, but sadly enough my budget is to small for that. Also a small note since I already got questions where I got these because they are coming to Holland in March/May. I got these in Germany where they are already for sale. I was really lucky to see a full display because I am sure these will be a big hit. Also on an other sidenote, I googled like mad and I was sure I could find swatches of this collection but at the moment I am pretty sure this is the first swatch online! So read more for my opinion and swatches


For my small brandless coin pendant I bought a new coin, one that is perfect to match with all my other coins. It is a small pearl coin from the brand My Imenso. I think it looks stunning in the sunlight, I tried to capture it on camera but to be honest it does not show the variation of colors it seems to have when the light hits it. Read more to see how I paired this

Eat more rabbit food

Hello there, it has been a while because I have been really busy with school. But I am back and blogging, I hope. As you all know I adore my instagram, I almost post daily at DennaMichelle. But I decided to make a Tumblr or should I say Fitblr. My tumblr account is Eat-More-Rabbit-Food and I am currently filling it with fitspo, I really enjoy it because it inspires to me to keep healthy and work on getting fit. So if you are in need for some inspiration, do check it out!

Also if you have a fitblr, do leave a link in the comments down below!

Lollipop Bling: Honey

Recently I got a very lovely gift, a nice new perfume. Now I am not a fan of miss Carey but I do love this perfume. Also it is currently for sale at this link normally this is €65 but now it is marked down for €14. It is a 100ml bottle so it is huge. The design is very simple, a nice yellow bottle with a butterfly lid. Also a small butterfly is engraved on the dispenser. It is a Eau de parfum. And please read more for some more pictures and what I think of this scent.

Metal Sugar & Glitter Jewels

Recently I bought two polishes in shades that where not yet represented in my collection. I picked up two polishes, the one on the left is a glitter jewels polish called party in a bottle. And the left one is a glitter jewels polish called skyfall. For swatches, read more!

Roca in Mauve

Recently I bought a new coin for my pendant, a Mi Moneda coin called Roca. It is hard to see in pictures but it is mauve, a purple brown tone. This coin also comes in more brown tone. I think this is perfect for my spring wardrobe and I think the roca coins are stunning, I already own a purple one and this one is a nice spring alternative. In this same style I have a purple one that I love to wear. I payed €14.50 for this large coin. Do read more to see an other close up picture.

Discount jewelry love

If I adore something, it is sale because you can get unique and pretty things for a cheaper price. Yesterday I decided to stroll round ASOS and pick out some lovely things. In the end I made a wishlist with 6 items where I am going to buy 1 or 2 from. I am not sure yet what I want to buy, but I am already listing the items here for you to enjoy. So click read more for more information and links. Also a nice tip, there is a 15% discount code on the site! 

Lets feel good..

For all you single girls who fear the 14th of February, a feel good list to get trough that day and the days before that. So do read more.

Love it!

With February here I have a few things on my wishlist that I am loving and I need to wear this month, and perhaps the months to follow. I tried to keep my list small with a lot of images. So do read more!

My first empties post!

I personally adore to see empties post because you know that the person really used the product a lot and you somehow get a clear opinion about it. I decided to make an article like this myself, I hoarded everything I finished from hair care to skincare and more. Personally I would prefer to make these kind of posts in video form but sadly enough I do not have a camera, so I decided to animate it to add a little va-va-voom. So want to know what I finished and what I think of it, do read more!

In two stunning shades

I personally do not own a lot of polishes from WIC because I tend to go for budget. Today I went for budget again thanks to a 70% off sale. Normally these go for €10 but I found them marked down. What explains the ugly paper on the bottle, I do not understand why they add so much stickers on a nail polish when they mark it down. I picked up a gold metallic shade called Salamanca en a pink with glitter called Chicago. I picked these two because I tought they would look good together, so read more to see how they look on the nails!

Small unique gifts

As might most of you know is that valentines day is coming up, a time to buy a gift for your loved one. I personally do not have a boyfriend at the moment but I know what a hassle it can be to buy something nice without buying something that is to girly and valentines orientated. So read more for some amazing gadgets and funny gifts. Also for you single ladies put your hands up some of these are also very nice to buy yourself.

Cleaning Mousse

A while I ago I decided I needed a new cleaning product for my face and I decided to pick up something I have not tried before, you know me living on the edge. I decided to pick this product up at Germany where it is a few cents cheaper then in Holland. This product is €6.50 in Holland and €5.99 in Germany if I am correct. There is a blue and pink version, I have to admit I only saw the blue version so far, this one is for the normal till mixed skin while the pink version is especially for the dry skin. So want to know what I think? Read more!

Perfect for stacking

Recently I bought myself a little lovely infinity bracelet. Pretty silver beads with an infinity sign with stones. I got this lovely bracelet on eBay for only 1 dollar, so it was really dirty cheap. But even when this was so cheap it looks rather expensive and is perfect for an arm party. I got mine here, where they also have many other styles and variations in gold. I got many complements on this one so I wanted to share it with you all!

Stacking up on some red

Somehow the picture does not show the greatness of the glitter mess that was my nails. I bought a new polish called P2 Volume Gloss, a brand that I really recommend seeing it is cheap and lovely. It comes in a load of shades and gives a gell look for only €1.95. I tried to spice it up with NYC red hot glitter topcoat and on my ring finger I have P2 sandstyle in illegal. 

From eBay

Let me start with saying this is not a real too faced pallet. So I will not talk about it like it is real but I will talk about just an eye shadow palette I bought on eBay. Because I take a small make-up bag with me to to school I decided to check eBay for a cheap natural eye shadow pallet that I can toss in my bag without fearing that I break it. I found this listing here and ordered the above for $4.99 or as I say, dirty cheap. Do you want to see how the pigmentation is on this little tin of eyeshadow?

Ginger Sparkle

Currently the body shop is having a sale and especially the Christmas items are on sale. I decided to pick up one thing at the body shop sale because I have to many items I want to finish first. So I picked up the ginger sparkle, a shimmer lotion with a super cute package. If you want to know what I think, do read more!

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